That’s a Whopper – Burger King’s cheeky advert

Burger King has riled the Tories with an advert on the side of a London bus.

Mimicking the infamous line that the UK sends £350 million a week to the EU the ad says:

“Another Whopper on the side of a bus. Must be an election.”

Next to the slogan is Burger King’s Whopper.

The EU money claim – fronted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson – has been roundly dismissed by experts.

Some called it a “clear misuse” of official figures.

Mr Johnson was even threatened with court action over its veracity – but the case was dismissed by the High Court.

A Burger King spokesman said:

“As the Home of the Whopper, we felt that if anyone has the right to stick whoppers on the side of a bus, it’s us.

“So naturally, we’ve taken the opportunity to shine a light on our iconic Whopper in all its flame-grilled glory.”


About the Author

Philip Braund spent 16 years at the Daily Mirror as a reporter and news editor before moving to ITV. He was the series producer of the ground-breaking investigation programme The Cook Report, Managing Editor at ITV's Millbank Studios, and Head of News at ITV Central. He has won national and regional Royal Television Society awards for documentaries.

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