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Blood-soaked copies of Prince Harry’s memoir to go on sale

The five-figure price tag for Prince Harry’s memoir, which has been stained with blood from Afghan people, will be put on sale.

Andrei Molodkin, an artist, claims that he has stained 25 Spare copies with human blood. He will display them in a shop in Windsor.

This comes just a few days after a Russian anti-war artist projected an image of a bloody sculpture on St Paul’s Cathedral in London. It was protesting the Duke of Sussex’s comments about the number of Afghan deaths.

Molodkin stated that some of the blood donated to the artwork was used to create his “alternative Spare”, books. These will be available for purchase starting on 2 May, four days before the King’s coronation for $10,000 each (PS8,000).


According to the artist, any proceeds from the sale will go to Afghan charities.

Molodkin made a statement regarding his latest stunt, called “Blood Money”. He said that Prince Harry brags about killing Taliban like baddies in a videogame, ‘otherising,’ and then selling books about his drug addiction, sexual exploits, and killing conquests.

A Molodkin spokesman said that the blood-covered books were displayed in Windsor on Saturday. They will be available for purchase at a/political in Kennington on May 2.

was criticised for publishing in his memoir that 25 Taliban fighters were killed while serving in the British Army in Afghanistan. He said that the number was not enough to give him satisfaction, but it wasn’t enough to make me ashamed.

Image Prince Harry is pictured in Afghanistan, 2008

He also confessed that he didn’t think of the people he killed as “people”, but rather as “chess pieces” which had been removed from the board.

He wrote, “While in the heat of combat, I didn’t consider those 25 people as people. If you see people as people, it’s impossible to kill them. If you see people as people, it’s impossible to harm them. They were taken from the board like chess pieces, and Bads were removed before they could kill Goods.

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Harry comments

Molodkin said that Harry’s comments made him “very angry” and that he wanted to “drench St Paul’s Cathedral with the blood of Afghani people.” He projected his sculpture onto the landmark.

He stated, “They think they’re just chess figures ‘… to be used by some prince hunting by helicopter.

It looked like a safari situation. He said it was like a computer game.

Image Molodkin’s Royal Blood statue contained blood donated from Afghans and was projected onto St Paul’s Cathedral (below).

Molodkin claimed that about 1,250ml blood was used to create his sculpture, called Royal Blood. It was taken by a registered nurse and kept in a refrigerator before being “pumped” into the artwork.

The Soviet Army veteran, the artist, explained that the blood was donated by Afghans living in France and the UK, and how it would be used.

This controversial artist uses oil and blood to prove his point

  • Andrei Molodkin presented a replica trophy from the World Cup that was slowly filled with crude oil to coincide with last December’s World Cup in Qatar. It was symbolically priced at $150m, which corresponds to the sum of money that FIFA officials allegedly received in bribes or kickbacks.
  • Molodkin created a sculpture in the White House last August that contained radioactive blood from Nagasaki-born people to mark the 77th anniversary the Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic bombs.
  • Molodkin displayed a glass portrait by Vladimir Putin that was filled with blood from Ukrainian soldiers in May 2013. The artwork was live-streamed from Moscow’s Red Square during Mr Putin’s Victory Day Parade.
  • In 2013, Molodkin created an exhibition called Catholic Blood. It featured an installation in which he donated blood only from Catholics to his reproduction of the Rose Window at Westminster Abbey. He saw it as a Protestant symbol.

After creating a sculpture depicting Vladimir Putin, which was filled with blood donated from Ukrainian fighters, he made headlines.

Molodkin, who now resides in the south of France said that he can’t return to Russia because he fears he will be imprisoned.

Image Andrei Molodkin uses humanblood in his sculptures

Harry claimed that it was a “dangerous lies” to claim that he had “somehow boasted” about the number killed in Afghanistan.

The Royal was a part of two tours to Afghanistan while he was in the military. One tour was in 2012-2013 when he was an Apache attack helicopter copilot gunner.

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Harry revealed that he took cocaine, tried magic mushrooms and smoked marijuana, among other revelations in his book. He also admitted to having lost his virginity in a field to an older woman.


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