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Putin’s atomic sabre-rattling points to even greater hostilities between Russia and West

Russia’s President sent a defiance message to the West when he withdrew from the last major nuclear arms control treaty.

Vladimir Putin also promised to carry out nuclear weapons tests if Washington chooses to do so, and challenged France and the UK’s nuclear weapons position.

Anyone in the west who had hoped to see any signs of a leader being weakened by 12 months of full-scale, costly war in Ukraine would be disappointed.

Instead, the Russian leader pledged to increase the “mass production of weapons and ammunition” to maintain his war machine’s viability.


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As they reflect on their new position in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, NATO allies should be more determined by his language.

Jens Stoltenberg is the secretary general for NATO. He warned European member countries that they are in an “race of logistical” against Russia. This is due to the critical need of western partners in order to continue supplying Ukraine with the munitions it needs to win.

Analysts warn that many European countries, including the UK have not yet put their industrial base on a more war footing.

The most important announcement in his speech was that Putin spoke once more about nuclear weapons, atomic sabre-rattling which has been a key part of his efforts deterring the West from the Ukraine war.

In a televised speech he made to Russia’s military and political elite, he stated that the Kremlin would suspend its participation in the New START Treaty. This landmark pact was signed in Prague by Dmitry Medvedev and the then-US president Barack Obama in 2010.

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This document, which was due to expire 2026, limits the number of nuclear warheads that each country can deploy.

It was a key part of Washington’s efforts to restore relations with Moscow during President Obama’s tenure. However, this move was short-lived as Mr Putin invaded Ukraine four years later.

Putin stated, “I am forced today to announce that Russia has suspended its participation in Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty [START]”.

Without citing any evidence, he claimed that some Americans were considering resuming their nuclear testing. He also warned that Russia would follow suit if necessary.

“Of course, this will not be done first. However, if the United States conducts testing, then we will. It is dangerous to believe that global strategic parity can easily be destroyed.

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Biden’s and Putin’s speeches analyzed

Moscow and Washington have large nuclear weapons stockpiles left over from Cold War. They are still the largest nuclear powers.

They hold 90% of all the world’s nuclear warheads.

The New START Treaty stipulates that the two countries can only deploy 1,550 nuclear warheads, 700 missiles and bombers from land or under the sea to deliver them.

Although the United States found the Russian president’s comments irresponsible, there was confusion over what they meant in practice.

“It might have been a talking point or it may have signalled an intent to back away from this treaty in more substantive manners,” stated a US official, who spoke under condition of anonymity and was quoted as such by the Reuters news agency.

However, this year’s hostilities between Russia & the West will be intensified by the Kremlin’s confrontational language.


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