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Russia preparing for ‘maximum escalation’, top Ukrainian security official tells Sky News

According to the top security official in Ukraine, Ukraine is ready for Russia’s major escalation – possibly within the next two to 3 weeks.

Oleksiy Danilov (Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Ukraine ) told Sky News that the worst fighting was yet to occur and stated that the next few months will be critical in determining the course of war.

He called on western allies to send more weapons including Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets from the UK, and fighter planes from other partners.

Russia has prepared for maximum escalation,” Mr Danilov stated in an interview Tuesday at his headquarters in Kyiv.


It is about gathering all possible information, practicing drills, and training.

He didn’t rule out the possibility of President Vladimir Putin attempting another attack from the east, north or south, just as he did on the anniversary.

“We understand all the possibilities… I can assure you that we will not exclude any scenario within the next two-three weeks.”

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He stated that Ukraine’s military was ready for any possibility and had received significantly more support from the west, such as the UK, than twelve months ago.

“Those countries that help us in our struggle are starting to provide us maximum assistance.”

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Why don’t the US send fighter planes?

However, a western official stated that they have not yet seen any sign of Russia planning anything for the 24th of February.

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Germany will send 14 Leopard 2 tanks for Ukraine

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In a briefing for journalists, the western official stated that “We will continue monitoring that.”

“Historically, they [Russia] have tried dates. Although the Ukrainians are from a similar cultural background, I haven’t seen any evidence that suggests they have plans.

According to Mr Danilov, he believed that about half the more than 320,000 Russian soldiers who were mobilized last September would participate in the second wave when it arrives.

Image Oleksiy Dailov talks to Sky News

Already, the first half of the personnel has been sent to Ukraine to help replenish Russian lines following significant losses suffered by Moscow’s invasion forces.

The Ukrainian military personnel as well as civilians who were killed or wounded have also been heavily affected.

Image Ukrainian soldiers are seen in the aftermath of Russia’s attack on Bakhmut, Donetsk Region

“Bloodier Days to Come”

The top security official foresaw even more bloody days ahead.

“Of course. Although we went through a difficult period, I am aware that the major fights are still to come. They will be happening this year, in two to three months. These will be the most important months of war,” said Mr Danilov.

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This is why the Ukrainians want their western partners to send more deadly weapons faster.

They have now secured tanks, but this is late.

“It would have been great if there were Typhoon aircrafts from the RAF. F-16s are also great,” Mr Danilov stated.

“Any help would be appreciated.”

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What is the current situation in Ukraine?

Not only are Russian forces preparing for the attack, but so is everyone else.

Mr Danilov stated that “We have our plans and they are clearly to us” – but they remain secret.

They are not hidden from our main partners, the UK, US, and other countries that support us. We will adhere to our plan.

The ultimate goal of the Russian invasion is to retake all territories captured by Russian forces. This includes territory that was taken not only from 24 February 2022, but also since 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia captured the Crimean peninsula and supported separatists in eastern Donbas.

Mr Danilov stated that “we will definitely win because we have all the support from the world,”


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