DVLA holds back “too rude” number plate requests

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Hundreds of requests for personalised number plates are refused because they are “too naughty, rude or vulgar”.

The DVLA offers millions of registrations on its website – generating more than £160 million from sales.

But staff need to be vigilant to spot requests for a combination of letters and numbers that could cause offence.

A spokesman said:

“The vast majority of registration numbers are made available but the agency holds back any combinations that may cause offence, embarrassment, or are in poor taste.

“Many people enjoy displaying a personalised registration number and there are over 50m registrations available on our website with almost endless possibilities of combinations to suit a person’s taste, interests and budget.”

Some of the 71 plates on the “banned” list are:

*D71 CK*

*F71 ART

*P71 SSY

*T71 TS*

*T71 URD

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