More than 200,000 sign petition calling for university fees to be slashed during pandemic

Worcester College, Oxford

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for university tuition fees to be cut by two thirds.

The online protest wants the Government to reduce the annual sum of £9,000 to £3,000.

The petition – posted by M Osman – argues the current fees are too high given the disruption created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of signees spiked after Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved teaching online to curb rising Covid-19 numbers.

M Osman wants a debate in Parliament between MPs and students to discuss the issue.

The petition continues:

“Higher education is the key for our nation’s future, live Parliament debates involving MPs and students are crucial to give them the opportunity to raise the issues of concern in particular reducing University student fees and other matters impacting their lives including accommodation costs.

“The debates should include university students, postgraduates, those from poorer backgrounds and disabilities also college students.

“Covid-19 has left the nation’s future economy/job market uncertain.”

The latest advice on the return to university puts students into two groups; those studying medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, education, or social work will return for the spring term and be tested twice or self-isolate for 10 days.

All other students will start their term online until at mid-February.

Announcing a third lockdown Mr Johnson said:

“What we hope is that students will get online learning that will allow them to continue with their degree courses.

“But clearly there are going to be issues to do with the cost of their accommodation that we will have to look at as a Government and see what arrangements the universities are making to deal with the reasonable concerns of many, many students.”


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