Welcome to “the toilet of England” – anti-Brexit activists rename Kent

Activists are behind an anti-Brexit stunt to rename Kent as the “Toilet of England”.

Signs across the county – known as the “Garden of England” – have been vandalised by campaigners.

The stunt is to highlight fears that Kent will be turned into a huge lorry car park post Brexit.

Supporters claim hundreds of portable loos will spring up alongside Kent’s road to cater for motorists stuck in endless queues.

Kent Police said they are aware of “criminal damage” to road signs and investigating.

But a member of the activist team – called the EU Flag Mafia – said the police have better things to do.

A spokesperson told the PA news agency:

“We acted on behalf of the residents of Kent.

“Everyone who was involved in placing ‘Toilet’ on the road signs lives in Kent and we reject any suggestion that any damage was done to any of the road signs – the stickers can be removed very easily.

“If any Kent resident feels offended, we suggest they simply remove the stickers.

“We suggest that Kent Police have better things to be doing with their valuable time, like trying to work out how the people in Kent will be still be able to travel around the county while thousands of lorries are gridlocked in jams around the county.”

About 30 signs in the county have been “re-branded”.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has warned that queues of up to 7,000 trucks could happen in Kent unless businesses do more to prepare for Brexit.


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