More than £1 million of cannabis seized in London after neighbours’ tip-off

Picture Metropolitan Police

More than £1 million worth of cannabis has been seized by the police.

Officers discovered the plant farm on the top floor of a building in London.

Access was behind a door that had been barricaded.

Neighbours alerted the police to the property in Brent, on the North Circular Road.

Chief Inspector Grace Blake-Turner said the plants – with an estimated value of £1 million – were “evidentially being grown with the sole intention to be sold for a vast amount of profit”.

CI Blake-Turner added:

“I’d like to thank the members of public who alerted us to this address.

“Because they voiced their concerns to police, over £1 million worth of class B drugs are now off the streets.”

Picture Metroplitan Police

North-west BCU commander Louis Smith said:

“Growing and selling cannabis funds career criminals who cause misery to others and commit acts of extreme violence.

“People are killed in producing cannabis in this way.

“These criminals also often prey upon the extremely vulnerable, for example by forcing them to manage cannabis farms.’

Police are still searching for the people behind the drug farm.



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