EU “gives in” to UK on fishing rights as Brexit talks intensify

EU Brexit negotiators are said to have conceded a key British demand on fishing rights.

Brussels is reported to have given up on a “red line” UK insistence that catches are calculated on attached zones.

Zonal attachment is a system that works out a share of the catch based on which waters hold fish.

Under the proposed new deal British fishermen will have a larger take of the catch.

A key part of the Brexit campaign was for the UK to “take back control” of its waters.

It became a major obstacle during the oft tense negotiations for the UK to leave the EU by the end of the year with a deal.

Although fishing is a tiny part of the UK and EU economies it has become a symbolic fight between Britain and France.

French trawlers are dependent on catching fish in British waters.

A British Government spokesman said:

“We’re not commenting on ongoing negotiations, but our position on fisheries has been clear from the start.

“We are asking for a simple, separate fisheries framework agreement which reflects our rights under international law, and which provides for annual negotiations over access and sharing opportunities based on the scientific principle of zonal attachment.”


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