Gary Lineker caught in M&S dessert aisle without a mask

Picture: Instagram Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker has blamed “old age” for shopping in M&S without wearing a mask.

Lineker – the 59-year-old Match of the Day presenter – was snapped in the dessert aisle.

The former England captain and striker had previously criticised “snowflakes” for refusing to cover their faces during the coronavirus pandemic.

Explaining the mask’s absence, Lineker posted to Twitter:

“In my old age, I went into a store and forgot to put my mask on.

“Was wondering why people were giving me daggers.

“Realised after a couple of minutes and hastily put it on.

“Felt awful and embarrassed.

“Apologies to those present.”

Lineker has previously expressed strong views on mask wearing

In April he told Twitter:

“How can there be any debate about whether we should be wearing a mask?

“Even if it’s only a one percent chance of making you safer.

“Even if it is only a one percent chance of stopping you giving it to someone else.

“Even if it only saves one life then it has to be beneficial.”

And he later posted:

“Why would anyone object to wearing a mask in a shop?

“Not exactly a hardship.

“What a country of snowflakes we’ve become.”

The shopper who shopped Lineker for not wearing a mask, told The Sun:

‘It’s just hypocrisy on another level.

“He had even tweeted a photo of him wearing a mask recently in front of that same M&S store and told people to wear masks in supermarkets.

“If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t mind so much.”

“But it’s frustrating for someone who tries to take the moral high ground as much as he does.”


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