Leave out fresh water for hedgehogs as record numbers suffer during the hot weather

Thousands of hedgehogs suffering from dehydration are being taken to welfare sanctuaries.

The recent rapid rise in temperatures has seen many young hogs struggling with the heat.

People are being urged to leave out bowls of fresh water to help the already endangered mammal.

Britain had more than 30 million hedgehogs in the 1950s.

That figure is now down to no more than a million.

Janet Peto who runs Hedgehog Welfare in the East Midlands said:

“Really high temperatures are forecast for the next week with little or no rain.

“We’ve taken up to 50 calls a day from people reporting hedgehogs in distress.

“Our carers are working flat out to help them recover.

“People can help by putting out a bowl of fresh water each night and scattering dried chicken or rabbit based kitten biscuits – hedgehogs love them.

“About a tablespoon of  this may be enough to save a hedgehog’s life.

” Tell your neighbours too and all your friends.”

A recent report on Britain’s wildlife said hedgehogs were in danger of becoming extinct unless more is done to help them.



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