Prince Andrew’s Pizza Express alibi questioned by woman who claims she trod on his toes at London nightclub

A woman claims she saw Prince Andrew dancing at a London nightclub with an alleged victim.

The claimed sighting contradicts the Duke’s insistence he was at home that night after visiting a Pizza Express with daughter Princess Beatrice.

Andrew has denied being in Tramp with teenager Virginia Giuffre on March 10, 2001.

Now American lawyer Lisa Bloom said another woman has come forward to support Ms Giuffre’s version of events.

Ms Bloom said Shukri Walker remembers seeing Andrew at the club.

Ghislaine Maxwell – who’s in custody awaiting trial for trafficking teenagers – was also there.

Ms Walker told The Sun she recalls the night because she accidentally stepped on Andrew’s foot while dancing.

She added: “When I watched the BBC interview and saw Prince Andrew deny knowing Virginia, saying he has no recollection of that night I had to come forward.

“Because I was there, and I do have a recollection of it.”

Ms Bloom said she has sent Ms Walker’s information to the FBI.

The lawyer told the Press Association (PA):

“I can confirm that I spoke to the FBI and gave them all of the information Shukri provided to me.

“She credibly alleges that she was there at the Tramp nightclub in 2001 and specifically recalls Prince Andrew being there with Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell.

“She had never been in the presence of a royal before or since and so it was very memorable to her.

“She was disappointed when she saw Prince Andrew’s now infamous [Newsnight] interview where he denied being there.”

Ms Bloom added in her email to PA:

“I represent six victims of Jeffrey Epstein. We demand that everyone who helped him abuse girls be brought to justice.

“And we demand that everyone with information about Epstein or Maxwell, including Prince Andrew, assist authorities by providing full information and documentation.”

The socialite Maxwell – daughter of the disgraced press baron Robert Maxwell – is a former girlfriend of both Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein.

Convicted paedophile Epstein hanged himself in his cell.

Ms Giuffre claimed she had sex with Andrew on three separate occasions.

She said she was aged 17 on the first occasion.

The Duke emphatically denies any sexual contact or relationship with Ms Giuffre.

Maxwell also denies all charges against her.

Her trial in New York is scheduled for July 2021.

An FBI spokeswoman told PA it would not comment on the developments surrounding Ms Walker.


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