Supporters raise £230,000 in days to help Jeremy Corbyn legal battle

Campaigners have given more than £230,000 to help former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn fight a legal action.

The money has been raised within days after a High Court agreement between the Labour Party, BBC Panorama reporter John Ware and several whistle-blowers.

Labour agreed to pay “substantial damages” following the programme’s investigation into alleged anti-Semitism under Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

After the hearing Mr Corbyn said the pay out “risks giving credibility to misleading and inaccurate allegations”.

Ware’s lawyers promptly acted on the comments.

The “gofundme” page reads:

“The relentless attacks on Mr Corbyn, a man of integrity, honesty and humility cannot be allowed to continue, and we have an opportunity here to offer him support in a practical way.

“It will also let him know that his supporters have not forgotten him, nor have they gone away.”

Mr Corbyn tweeted: “Thank you friends and comrades for your solidarity.

“Our campaigning for a better world continues.”

Labour’s new leader Sir Keir Starmer is trying to distance the party from Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

It’s thought the decision to pay damages would help move on from claims of anti-Semitism.

Sir Keir said: “I want to draw a line under anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

“Settling this case was important in that respect.

“It was the right decision, the right thing to do.”



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