Osprey chicks named Doddie, Vera and Captain in public poll

Credit Lewis Pate (WTLM)

Three Osprey chicks have been named by the public.

The birds are nesting at Loch Arkaig in the Highlands.

Thousands of suggestions were made on-line by the public and Woodland Trust Scotland went for:

  • Doddie in honour of the former Scotland rugby player Doddie Weir.
  • Vera after Dame Vera Lynn, the “Forces Sweetheart”.
  • Captain after Sir Tom Moore, the centenarian who raised £32 million plus for the NHS.

There were more than 10,000 votes, with 50% opting for Doddie, Vera and Captain.

George Anderson, of Woodland Trust Scotland, said:

“When it came to naming the chicks, people wanted to honour these individuals who for different reasons have all been prominent in the public consciousness this year.”

Mr Anderson also revealed how the livestream from the nest has become an Internet sensation.

Last it attracted 60,000 hits.

Now, with a “lockdown” audience, it’s already clocked up more than two million viewers regularly logging on the see how mum, dad and the three chicks are doing.

Mr Anderson said: “Our osprey nest livestream found a huge audience this summer, as people at home during lockdown craved contact with nature.”

The chicks are expected to fledge in a week or two.

The nest will remain their “home” until they migrate south towards the end of August.

Mr Anderson added: “Most Scottish ospreys fly overland down through England before crossing the Channel to France and on to Africa.

“There is every chance that Vera the osprey may fly over those white cliffs made so famous in the song by her namesake.”

And, here’s a link to the osprey cam livestream:




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