Beavers born in Essex for the first time in 400 years

Credit: Environment Agency

Beavers have been born for the first time in Essex after more than 400 years.

A breeding pair have had their first pair of kits on a manor house estate.

It’s hoped the foothold will see a return to a thriving population of beavers in the area.

Beavers were common in Britain but were wiped out in the 16th Century for their pelts and an oil they produce.

The breeding pair were returned to an enclosure on the Spains Hall Estate.

Estate manager Archie Ruggles-Brise said: “We are delighted that our beavers have settled in so well that they have bred successfully.

“If they are anything like their parents the two kits will become phenomenal dam builders.

“We will be watching closely as they expand the wetland and provide even more protection against flood and drought and provide homes for loads of other wildlife.”


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