Former Prime Ministers send recorded messages to help tv star’s husband battle Covid-19

Former Labour Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have sent recorded messages to ex-spin doctor Derek Draper.

Mr Draper, 52, has been in hospital for ten weeks with Covid-19.

It’s feared he may never fully recover.

His wife is television presenter Kate Garraway.

Kate Garraway

She said last week the illness had “wreaked extraordinary damage” on her husband.

Lord Peter Mandelson served as a minister under Mr Blair and Mr Brown.

He said: “The whole experience, the whole dreadful, tragic experience of what’s happened to him has actually brought an enormous lot of people, who knew him in the 90s and beyond, who knew him in New Labour and the government.

“It’s brought an enormous lot of people back together again.”

He added: “He’s been a hugely unifying figure, ironically, through this terrible, terrible tragedy.

“Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have sent him recorded messages, as have done the rest of us.

“We’re now giving him music, we’re giving him photographs in order to stimulate a response, we’ve all come together, and we just hope, and pray, he will come through it.”


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