Forty foot whale washes up on Essex beach


Credit: Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

A female Fin Whale has washed up on an Essex beach.

Early morning walkers discovered the body of 40-foot long mammal.

The police have now cordoned off the area and advised onlookers to keep away.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup – one of the world’s leading enviromental organisations – are at the scene in Clacton.

Big Blue help keep the oceans clean and protect marine wildlife.

The group tweeted:

“We are currently on site at Clacton-on-Sea where a dead whale has washed up onto the beach.”

Essex Police said: “Sadly a 40ft whale has been washed up on Clacton this morning.

“We are currently in attendance with other organisations and discussions are under way on how to remove her.

“The area is cordoned off and the public are advised to stay away.”

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