Barbara Windsor struggling to cope, says Christopher Biggins

Dame Barbara Windsor is struggling with isolation because she can’t understand why family and friends aren’t dropping in to see her.

The actress is suffering with Alzheimer’s and always has people coming to visit.

But the coronavirus pandemic has left her at home with her husband Scott Mitchell.

He’s been trying to explain why they’re alone, but she doesn’t understand.

Friend and fellow actor Christopher Biggins revealed her plight.

Biggins as Widow Twankey

He told The Sun: “She’s a little confused as to what’s going on because no one can visit her.

“She’s used to having a lot of visitors but now she’s asking why people have stopped coming to see her.

“It’s not because she thinks ‘they don’t like me’ because her husband Scott explains to her, but she just forgets the explanation and she asks all the time.

“So, it’s a frustrating time for them both.”

Biggins, 71, has also called for the pantomime season to be cancelled now.

The decision could be “curtains” for UK theatres who rely on the annual show for enough money to see them through the lean months.

The perennial pantomime dame – he’s due to appear in “Jack and the Beanstalk” – said it would be impossible to keep social distancing.

He said: “I honestly do believe this is the year we have to rest pantomime down and come back with a vengeance in 2021.

“As a performer of my age standing on the stage in front of 1500 people sneezing and coughing and doing all sorts of things at me, I worry.

“Also, how are they going to let people into the theatres?

“They can’t stagger them in two metres apart and they can’t watch with masks on, how’s that going to help the laughter?

“And we can’t be two metres apart on stage.

“What about the poor cow in our pantomime?

“So, we’d have to cut the cow from the show and we can’t have that.

“It’s touch and go most years for theatres surviving and up until now they’ve been kept alive for at least six months because of the money made from pantomime.”


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