Farage won’t “take a penny” of EU’s £153,000 golden goodbye

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will not take his £153,000 golden goodbye from the EU coffers.

His spokesman confirmed he’d “not take a penny” of the transition allowance.

All Britain’s 73 MEPs lose their jobs when the UK leaves the EU on January 31st.

Former MEPs are entitled to one month’s salary for every year they have held office – up to a maximum of 20 months.

However, many were elected in May 2019 and won’t have completed a full year.

They will receive nothing.

The MEPs were told of their rights in a feisty meeting last night in Strasbourg.

They must also return access passes, special EU “laissez-passer” cards, voting cards, office keys, iPads and laptops, as well as passes allowing free travel on the Belgian railway network SNCB.

They must have left their Brussels’ office by February 7th.

Mr Farage is one of the EU’s highest earning MEPs with a raft of second jobs.

Company records show that last year he earned £319,000 from his Thorn in the Side media company.


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