Children’s favourite “Morph” morphs back to life

Morph – the animated clay figure – is to make a comeback.

Its makers have announced a series of five-minute episodes to bring the naughty character to a new audience.

Morph made his debut in 1977 with TV presenter Tony Hart.

The impish spirit was always making trouble for artist Hart – spilling paint and interfering in his pictures.

Morph lived in a wooden pencil box.

He would “morph” from a small ball of clay into his character – then just as quickly disappear.

His makers Peter Lord and David Sproxton created Morph from a precisely weighed 162-grammes ball of clay.

The duo had recently formed the animation company Aardman, which went on to make Wallace and Gromit.

Mr Lord: “As we speak, back at the studio in Bristol, they’re building the sets in readiness.’

“It’s visual comedy.

“You have to do it all by body, expressions, and good visual joke telling.

“So, I look at Buster Keaton films and Charlie Chaplin films, to remember what great silent comedy can be.”

Tony Hart




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