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Advancing Governance and Rule of Law in Moldova: European Perspectives and Recommendations

The International Center for the Protection of Human Rights and Democracy (ICPHRD) will host a conference in the Moldovan capital, Chişinǎu, this June. It will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Republic of Moldova’s prevailing conditions with respect to governance structures, the implementation of the rule of law, judicial integrity, levels of corruption, the state of press freedom, and the observance of human rights.

The conference will bring together policy makers and government officials from Moldova, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, as well as a mix of experts and civil society advocates. Moldova confronts a spectrum of critical challenges within its governance frameworks, adherence to the rule of law, judicial independence, corruption mitigation, press freedom, and the protection of human rights.

The International Center for the Protection of Human Rights and Democracy recognises the importance of addressing these issues, and advocates for international cooperative effort and the exchange of expertise to address these systemic challenges effectively. The conference will facilitate dialogue between experts from Europe and Moldova and the exchange effective practices from European nations for tackling similar challenges. It will formulate strategic recommendations aimed at advancing Moldova’s governance, legal adherence, and democratic procedures.

The conference is aimed at policymakers and government officials from Moldova, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, as well as academics and researchers specialising in governance, law, and democracy and representatives from international organisations and NGOs. The target audience also includes legal practitioners, judges, and members of the judiciary, plus media professionals, journalists, civil society activists and advocates.


The three-day conference will begin by assessing the current landscape, with keynote speeches by prominent figures in the field and panel discussions on the state of governance, rule of law, judiciary, corruption, and freedom of the press in Moldova, featuring experts and stakeholders from Moldova and Europe. Workshops and breakout sessions will focus on specific thematic areas.

On its second day, the conference will move on to sharing best practices and lessons learned. There will be presentations by representatives from European countries on successful strategies and initiatives in governance, rule of law, and democracy, with case studies highlighting successful interventions and reforms and interactive sessions for knowledge exchange and networking.

The conference will conclude by crafting recommendations for reform, with roundtable discussions to identify key challenges and opportunities for reform in Moldova. Working groups will be tasked with developing actionable recommendations and strategies and there will be a presentation of recommendations to stakeholders and policymakers.

The conference is expected to increase understanding of the challenges facing Moldova in the areas of governance, rule of law, and democracy. Anticipated outcomes also include the identification of best practices and lessons learned from European countries and the development of concrete recommendations and strategies for reform, as well as an action plans. Strengthened partnerships and collaboration should emerge between stakeholders in Moldova and Europe.

The conference invites researchers, practitioners, and experts to submit papers and proposals related to the conference themes. Interested participants can apply to present their work or participate in panel discussions and workshops. Submission guidelines and deadlines will be provided on the conference website.

The conference welcomes partnerships with government agencies, academic institutions, international organisations and NGOs working in the fields of governance, rule of law, and democracy.      Collaborative initiatives and joint sponsorship opportunities are available.

The conference will serve as a platform for constructive dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration towards advancing governance and rule of law in Moldova. By bringing together experts from Europe and Moldova, the event aims to catalyse positive change and support the country’s journey towards a more democratic and prosperous future.

Registration and Logistics

– Registration details, including fees and deadlines, will be announced on the conference website.

– Information regarding accommodation, transportation, and visa requirements will be provided for participants traveling to Moldova.



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