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Blockchain: Hubberger offers its collection of NFTs

The Blockchain Economy Summit held in London on February 28th., being the world’s largest blockchain conference, provided an excellent platform for companies to showcase its innovative product to a wide audience.

Maciej Sagal, CEO of Hubberger, explained to CoinReporter the ways his company uses Blockchain to offer its collection of NFTs

“Can you tell me something more about your NFT collection?

Yeah, how you see NFT collections is we have 420 NFTS in the seed collections. It’s the first collection that we paying with Hub Burger and looks good but the real value is in the data and in the shares what are included in the NFTS


Stock and utility with Edward, you can exchange later by us, by our panel, by our software to the shares. Yeah, that’s very important. We cannot. put the shares directly to NFTS. Then we get regulations problems. Yeah. So we solve the problems. You get tokens and then you can exchange them if you want. If you don’t want the exchange to the shares. If you don’t want shares, yeah, you can stake it in Launchpad. So it’s a real, it’s an entry to the big cannabis world and to the big business real world. That’s the real value. Yeah, it looks nice, but here we don’t have a voice. The ally is the Polish famous rapper.

He makes the tracks 929 tracks to 420 NFT. So the variety is very, very high. We have different colours, different tubes, and different metadata. So it’s really the variety is very, very cool. If, if we combine all the data we can take more than 1,000,000 NFTS and from this, we chose only 420. So that’s yeah that’s the point we care very much about the money from our investors.

Model for from our from our NFT holders. This will be the really the future from business for me I see it Daniel Tanner before he have a nice speech.

Tokenized with NFTS for startups. We are not startup. Yeah, we are more. We are stage next stage after startup. Yeah, but the fundraising VNF for me is the future. We start developing one year ago now, then come the crash. So we stopped the fundraising or fundraising idea with this we work, we have enough money to walk, to to bring our project. Yeah, and now we are rarely business. We operate with NFT, our vending machines by Circle K.

That’s crazy. So one of the biggest company and you can buy a wheat machine.

Read NFT worldwide. Yeah and you can take each month profits from them. That’s that’s amazing. Cool. Yeah. You don’t you don’t need you don’t need contracts. Everything we have in smart contract that’s that’s the way. That’s the way. This is the easy way to to buy something to take part on something to another continent, another part of the world. It’s make easier. We need only three minutes to transfer some amount of tokens or money.

Worldwide, that’s really crazy.

What you’re saying is finally, we are in the point where we have real tokenization and we can skip the middleman, we can skip the solicitors, we can skip the expenses of traveling to the other point of the world. You can just buy and own this company. They share this NFT.

Yeah, yes. And that’s and the next bigger good asset is we have.

Artists worldwide and we can build a strong community. You know, the NFA is a community that that’s not only that’s only investment or buying or something. Yeah, you have real part, you can show your NFT by Twitter, OK, I have my vending machine. I am like a sailor from legal weed. I can take my money from legal weed each month. That’s very good in franchising model where I think I don’t have both. Maybe somebody do it on the board.

But I’m sure we are on the top 10 on the world who make franchising model with.

With the tokenization, yeah, we develop tokenization. So if you don’t want next money machine, OK, you don’t need to take your machine and say to market or something, no.

Sell your token. Easy, easy. That’s all. That’s all, yeah.

That’s the dream of everybody. What? Yeah, talking about the tokenization, maybe one day we will see this in the real estate market. What do you think is it possible in the real estate market markets to be we to have the same approach with technovation like your business?

I think yes. Yeah. But we never, we never can be sure. I hope the regulation will become.

Sure we know that now. I hope the regulation will be easy to handle so possible is everything I know same I told you before we in in we go the same way with legalization for medical marijuana in Poland. Yeah was really hard job was 1000 of kilometres , thousand of calls thousands of of experts of of speeches of Commissions of corruption for corruption trying to ask for.

Question for the Big pharma, but we do, we do the job good and we go from politics without one scandal. So that’s that’s that. Yeah that’s very important. So the money you know political. So we are not politicals. We go to the Parliament. I was only advisor only. Yeah my friend was Parliament member and we have a great team and same here in Poland and so nobody know or maybe less people know we was in the High Tech Commission in Parliament.

And we were for voting for blockchain. So we had we have a part of law we do and the Commission for blockchain, the other blockchain to our economy. But I think about as we make interview in 3-4 months and maybe Poland will be the good place for build companies with tokenization with security assets, not only utility assets. I am on working on tests with lawyer and maybe we can help to crypto community.

To list normal security tokens on exchanges that’s on text or text. Yeah that that’s very good. Yeah if the companies regulated and I have one idea and way is not sure I can do it yeah but our idea is to do it and I see the chance 95%. So it’s very high. We need check only some things with lawyers but first we have means from our NFT’s today is only two days is available we we open the gate.

Rule for the visitors here.

So if somebody want to buy, I cannot stop him. Here there is is a big huge event and we opened the gates today and after tomorrow we’ll be close in 16 match. We have means date and white list is long very long. I don’t know if somebody invited today, he can get but the white list says maybe eight months. So you have eight months, 8-8 months. People wait for our, for our. NFTS I.

We don’t need money for now, you know, and we wait to good position in markets. So in October somebody ask me, will you pink. I see. No, the market is not bad. I don’t want you lose your money. He want to buy, OK, I take money and then.

I am. I am responsible for money from our from our NFT holders. Yeah I don’t want take only money and make holiday. Yeah we have really a great job to do a big job to do and theft don’t.

Break responsible businesses, responsible crypto businesses.

Yeah, that’s, that’s very good. Yeah, we see by.

Yeah, yeah, I don’t. I don’t want to say it’s, it’s good is not good for us now.

The wish of the whole crypto community will be to have more people like you to make the dreams possible in their countries and I can see with the work what you do.

The parent will get advantage from your work. I hope so. I hope so. I I have Poland like us and and in cannabis business, you know we have one big success.

Legalize medical marijuana. We showed the people you can do it. So many people don’t believe it. Yeah, OK go and do. You cannot write only in Facebook or Instagram or Telegram post his bet is bet. Take everything in your hand and do it. Yeah we can connect everybody. If we connect everybody and go to the same target to the same goal we can do. We can change the world but not behind the computer. We need to go. We need to go sometimes to the street but that’s looks good.

With the politicals don’t care about the street. What is demonstration or you need to go? You need to be a number one on the list. You need to build a party for the first year. If you want to change the system you need to go first into and from intern. You can change the system from outside these notions. To change it you need make the law.


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