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Solar powered crypto-mining – earn money and save the planet!

Crypto mining is the process of verifying transactions on a blockchain network and adding them to the blockchain ledger in return for a reward in the form of cryptocurrency. This process is performed by powerful computers called “miners” that solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions.

Miners are incentivized to participate in the network as they receive newly minted cryptocurrency as a reward for their computational efforts.

The process of crypto mining requires a lot of computing power, energy, and specialized hardware, making it a competitive and expensive endeavour. Crypto mining requires vast amounts of energy to power the complex mathematical computations needed to validate transactions and create new blocks in the blockchain.

This energy-intensive process is a necessary part of the consensus mechanism that ensures the security and reliability of the cryptocurrency network.


Miners compete to solve difficult cryptographic puzzles, which requires a significant amount of computing power and, in turn, energy consumption.

The high energy demand of crypto mining has led to concerns about its environmental impact, as well as its potential for driving up energy prices in some areas

There are several ways to reduce energy consumption in crypto mining:

Optimize hardware: Use energy-efficient hardware such as ASIC miners, which are specifically designed for mining and consume less energy than general-purpose hardware.

Reduce mining difficulty: Choose cryptocurrencies that have lower mining difficulty, as these will require less computational power and therefore consume less energy.

Mining pool optimization: Join a mining pool that uses efficient algorithms, has low overhead, and distributes work efficiently among miners.

Power management: Adjust your hardware’s power management settings to reduce energy consumption when not actively mining.

Use of a cooling system: Use a cooling system to reduce the temperature of your mining hardware, which can increase its efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Use renewable energy sources: Switch to renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power to reduce your carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

New on the market is the Dompre, manufactured by Dombitt –  – a solar powered cryptocurrency miner, which works with the most minimal sun available. It works 15hours after first full charge with electricity/18hours on full charge with minimal sun

It was built with the best MSI Afterburner for lowest power consumption and compatibility with any type of windows.

Just plug in and start mining, and earn money whilst saving the planet!


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