British mum faces £75,000 bill after baby comes early during Texas trip

Picture: Amy Collins

A British mum faces a £75,000 medical bill after giving birth early while in America.

Amy Collins was two days away from returning home when she went into labour.

She needed an emergency caesarean section to deliver William ten days ago.

He was some 16 weeks premature and weighed 1lb 9 oz.

He is still in Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Meanwhile, the bills mount as Amy had no travel insurance.

William’s grandmother Sarah Covey, 48 of Bartley Green, Birmingham, said:

“I am scared to death.

“My grandson William is an amazing fighter and doing so well.

“But there’s a medical bill of over $100,000 because it’s America and not our NHS.

“I am absolutely scared to death for them.

“William will be in hospital for months and the medical bill could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Amy has now set up a payment plan but I am not sure how she is going to afford to pay it.

“It is just a nightmare.”

Picture: Amy Collins

Amy is married to Texan Greg Collins.

She has a seven-year-old daughter Ava from a previous relationship.

Sarah, 48, said:

“I have got to fly out to Texas in January to bring Ava back so Amy can concentrate on looking after William until he is able to leave hospital.

“It is obviously hugely worrying times as William is so small and underdeveloped but then we have all the financial worries on top of this.

“I can’t stop crying at the moment.”



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