Britain’s Big Butterfly Count starts today as experts predict large numbers

Britain’s Big Butterfly Count is underway – and experts predict the numbers could be record-breakers.

A sunny spring start to 2020 and hot summers over the last two years have helped boost the nation’s butterflies and moths.

Now, people are being asked to spend 15 minutes in their garden, a park, field, or wood, to count the numbers they see.

Wildlife presenter Chris Packham, vice-president of Butterfly Conservation, said:

“This is a real chance to do something positive and contribute to conserving nature.

“Butterflies and moths are key indicators of the health of our environment and anyone can help contribute to our understanding of these incredible creatures by taking part in in the Big Butterfly Count.

“The sightings you submit will be used to map and measure populations and the geographic spread of species across the UK.

“We’re asking everyone who has been given a helping hand from nature this year to return the favour.”

The count will last for three weeks.

Last year more than 113,000 people joined the count.

Butterfly Conservation said:

“This year’s count is more critical than ever.

“Following the good weather in Spring, some of the earliest average emergence dates of butterflies for the last 20 years have been recorded.

“It is important that they gain some understanding of how these weather patterns affect butterflies, so that it might be possible to protect them in the future.

“Giving just a few minutes of your time and joining the count will help the Butterfly Conservationists understand how different species are faring in your area.”

To take part click on the link:











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