Detective postman delivers parcel to “somewhere in Sheffield”

 A parcel of chocolate bars addressed to “somewhere in Sheffield” was correctly delivered after the postman became a detective.

The package from Sweden had Dave Easson’s name but no address.

Quick thinking postman Darrell Gilmour used that information to find Dave on social media.

He sent him a Facebook message.

Mr Easson, a sports reporter, said it was “a great bit of detective work”.

He added: “Marten Wedebrand [the sender] is an old acquaintance [who] first started listening to me on radio a long while back.

“He really could’ve just asked for my address.

“Instead he put a rather garbled CV of mine on an envelope.”

Sports reporter Davis Easson

The information included Dave’s wife’s name, his previous jobs and they have “a child, or dog or both”.

Postman Darrell Mr Gilmour managed to use the information to track him down.

Dave said: “I got this message from Darrell Gilmour in the middle of the night on Monday.

“At this time there’s so much pressure on them, so to find me like this, I really didn’t mind the 3.35am Facebook message.

“A great bit of detective work.”

The package had six packets of Kvikk Lunsj, a chocolate bar similar to a Kit Kat.


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