Farage has a new party “oven ready” for UK’s Brexit day

The Brexit Party could become “The Reform Party” if Britain leaves the EU on January 31st, says Nigel Farage.

He said he’d already registered the “Reform” name, adding the party would “campaign to change politics for good”.

Despite the polls, Mr Farage still believes his Brexit group can win a “handful” of seats at the general election

And, he still doubts Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

He said: “There is still time for it to be amended”.

“It is a new EU treaty.

“If it goes through unamended, we will find it virtually impossible to make trade deals with any other part of the world.

“We will find ourselves (in) everything from financial services to fisheries bound by EU law.

“But there is still time for it to be amended.”

Talking to Sky News about why he stood his candidates down in Tory-held seats, Mr Farage said:

“I wanted to stop a second referendum, and I think the effect of us standing in the South and the South East would have been two dozen plus Liberal Democrat gains.

“We’ve stopped that.”

On his own party’s election chances, he said:

Well I think there’s a handful in which we’ve got a seriously good chance of winning and I think we will get some in, I genuinely do.”


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