Lord Charlie Falconer urges Corbyn to quit if he loses election

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should go if he fails to win the General Election, says Labour stalwart Lord Falconer.

The former Lord Chancellor said he should not try to cling on to power if the ballot goes against him.

He said Mr Corbyn should resign quickly, and work should start straightaway to lead the fightback against the Tories and Boris Johnson.

Lord “Charlie” Falconer challenged a “stay put” claim by union boss Len McCluskey.

The General Secretary of Unite thinks Mr Corbyn should hold on to allow Labour “a period of reflection”.

Lord Falconer, 68, who served in Tony Blair’s cabinet and on Mr Corbyn’s front bench said:

“If we win and form a government, well and good.

“If we lose, we cannot afford as a party to be staring at our navel.

“We have to be on the pitch with an alternative prime minister.

“If we don’t win, we need to choose a new leader as quickly as we reasonably can.”

He told the Daily Mail that Mr Corbyn had taken the wrong stand on Brexit, and his lack of “competence” were both vote losers.

Mr McCluskey said that Mr Corbyn should not follow Ed Miliband’s quick exit after losing to David Cameron in 2015.

He said the resignation caused chaos in the party.


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