Labour MP John Mann quits for the Lords

John Mann has taken a seat in the Lords, ending 18 years as a Labour MP.

He stood down to take up a post as a cross bencher.

Prime Minister Theresa May appointed Mr Mann to the Lords in her resignation honours list.

She’s asked the former Bassetlaw MP to head up an inquiry into anti-Semitism.

Mr Mann, 59, has been a constant critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-Semitic row that dogs the party.

The move, however, is also bad news for Boris Johnson.

Mr Mann has been a staunch Leave supporter in the House, often voting with the Tories.

At the last election Mr Mann had a majority of 4,852 – reduced by half.

In the Brexit referendum the North Nottinghamshire constituency voted by 67 per cent to leave the EU.

Labour has nominated London based Sally Gimson as their candidate – an EU supporter.

It’s a “blue-collar” seat where the Conservatives would fancy their chances.


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