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Zelenskyy’s visit to the G7 has paid dividends – he can fly home confident in the West’s support

“Russia will feel our counteroffensive”. “Russia will feel it when our counteroffensive comes”.

The results of his whirlwind trip to allies, which ended this weekend in Hiroshima (Japan), have been positive. They have finally accepted his logic for demanding modern warplanes.

The significance of their absence is immense. They may not be there for several months or even this year. Now, the West is all in.

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Again, Britain is leading the way. Rishi Sunak’s promise to train Ukrainians in the latest fighter jets has inspired others, including America.

Sky News reported just last week that the training had not yet begun.

As with tanks, Washington has been won over by the UK initiative. Joe Biden gave the green light to allies to train Ukrainians in F16 fighter jets, and eventually the planes will follow.

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Are F-16s game changers for Ukraine?

“We are not going away,” Mr Sunak told Sky News at strong>a href=” of new attack drones to Ukraine as zelenskyy and sunak hold talks over aid-12881273″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Chequers last week/strong> Sunak, who spoke to Sky News last week at Chequers, said: “We will not be going away.”

The summit is seen as significant for the decision made over jets.

It also shows the unification of the Western Alliance, more than a full year after a conflict that many feared would split it, just as Vladimir Putin fervently desired.

The summits held during the Trump years were fractious, and the allies appeared weak and divided.

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The West was sceptical about its ability to stand together when Russia invaded because of the legacy and political uncertainty that existed in each nation, not least the UK.

Joe Biden, with the UK’s help and nudges, has led the alliance in a skilful manner.

He did not rush the process, he was wary of alienating his doveish allies by arming Ukraine too quickly.

This approach could be vindicated if Ukraine launches a decisive counteroffensive in the months to come.

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Zelenskyy Press Conference in Full

Kyiv will regret not getting the weapons that it requested when it claimed to need them.

Zelenskyy is able to fly home with confidence, knowing that he has won the support of allies.

It’s too early to tell if he was able to convince ambivalent fence-sitters such as India and Brazil to back him.

Image: F-16A Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft

It is believed that his military has completed its shaping operations. They have sounded out the enemy’s weaknesses and are degrading their logistics.

He can be confident that the airborne cavalry, which will help to finish the job by the end of the calendar year, will arrive if effective operations are launched to expel invaders.


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