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Ukrainian punk trio to reunite on stage after ‘waking nightmare’ of war separation

The first European tour in over a year will see a Ukrainian punk band reunited after being separated by the war with Russia.

Death Pill, who released their debut album in 2023 while thousands of miles away, have announced that they will be performing Over My Dead Body in Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands, and the UK during May and June.

Mariana Navrotskaya and Anastasiia Kohomenko were split up after the Russia war against Ukraine began in February of 2022. Nataliia went to Australia temporarily for work while Mariana remained in Kyiv. Anastasiia took her son to Spain to be safe, leaving behind her husband.

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The tour will begin in Kyiv on 20 May.

Anastasiia said to Sky News that “for me, not playing music is like not living. I am very excited for the chance to get together, tour, visit new places and meet new friends.” It should be an exciting journey.

Mariana, who is excited for the concerts, said that she can’t feel real happiness at the return of the band after what has happened in their country.

She said, “[My feelings] were very mixed.” “I know that it is difficult to feel this situation as deeply as we do, but imagine: We are embarking on our first concert tour to fulfill our long-awaited dream. We are playing in Europe and the UK for the first-time. This will be my first trip abroad. My dream was to go abroad.

“But I do not feel happiness inside. I am happy but I also feel devastation and anxiety. I have an internal struggle. The dream of my lifetime comes true in the middle of a bloody f ****** battle.

Death Pill: “All of my ambitions, feelings and emotions, all of my joys and pains, all of my feelings and emotions, all all my hopes and dreams – all are in this pill. This is my most sincere and honest thing. Nataliia Anastasiia are sisters to me, by blood and spirit. “We’ll be together for about a month and it sounds sweet as can be to me right now.”

‘Exciting doom’

Nataliia has said that she only began to address her feelings in the last few days, after months of refusing to allow herself anything other than strength.

She said, “I never allowed myself to be weak, sick, poor or sad in my entire life, and this was even more true in the past year. I believe that it prevents me from moving forward.” “I’ve only started thinking more about my true feelings in the last few days and I don’t know how to describe it. This is a new experience for me.

“I was focused on the preparations for the Tour over the past four months, including bookings, advertising and merchandise, home rehearsals and flights. But now that my flight is only 10 days away, I realize that the most important thing I want to do is to see my parents, the girls in the band, and try to feel at home.

“But I realize that it’s only for a month, and then we will all be separated again. It’s an exciting new feeling, a strange one. “Our nation has dealt with it for a few years now, I hope that I can deal with it as well.”

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Death Pill’s debut album, titled “Death Pill”, has been praised by critics. The Line Of Best fit called it “a record of staggering musiciansship fuelled by untamed fury”, while Metal Hammer said that it was “one of best crossover albums in the modern era”.

The album was released on the 24th of February, the first anniversary since Russia’s invasion.

Anastasiia and Mariana were able to practice together during their visit to Ukraine, but the rehearsal in person two days before the Kyiv concert will be the first opportunity for all three women to play music with each other since they had been separated.

Nataliia: “I’m practicing with my computer.” Guitar Pro has replaced my girls this year. “I miss them.”

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Anastasiia: “In Barcelona, i go to a solo studio and play there.” I have our records and a metronome to play along to. It’s certainly not as exciting and productive as playing with a group. You have more time to improve your skills.”

Mariana continued, “We all regularly practice a concert program solo using a metronome with MIDI drums (digital) from Guitar Pro.” “Ofcourse, a solo practice will never replace the group rehearsal, but for us it’s impossible.”

“We have put in so much effort to make this happen against this backdrop of this nightmare, and I will fully take advantage of this trip.”

Death Pill will play The Crown Bar, Kyiv on 20 May. They’ll also be playing in Bradford, Manchester and Bristol in June, as well as London.


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