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There’s a lot to absorb from this week’s news in the US – and many implications

In America, it’s been one of those weeks where you get whiplash after a torrent of news.

We couldn’t possibly cover all the news in depth.

All the main stories revolved around familiar American themes: guns, leaks of intelligence, abortion, and drugs. There was a lot to learn and absorb about each of these stories.

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Bodycam footage from bank shooting


Another mass shooting began the week.

This was the 147th day of the year. There have been 155 so far.

Location – Louisville, Kentucky. A bank. Five dead plus “the shooter” – an American term for a gunman.

American shootings are becoming more and more common. Beyond the horror of each shooting, a particular detail or fact always stands out.

The shocking revelation was that under Kentucky law the assault weapon used by the banker to murder his colleagues had to be sold back on the open market.

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What we have learned from US leaks

Leaks of intelligence

By Tuesday, the story had changed. The daily shootings are no longer the main focus.

I was focusing on the huge damage caused by the leak of intelligence. The impact was starting to be felt globally.

Now I understand why the diplomat with whom I had spoken two days before was so concerned. Many revelations have caused geopolitical earthquakes.

The implications of the wars in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Ukraine.

Leaks are always a sign of alignment between spy agencies. America’s allies around the world are now wondering about Washington and their friendship.

We then discovered that the leaker is a 21-year old air national guardsman.

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A suspect arrested for leaking information

Many questions remain unanswered about the allegations against Jack Teixeira.

The FBI’s explanation for his arrest is filled with details.

The leak also confirmed something else. The US’s global dominance is waning.

The countries that were once close, dependent, and loyal to America are no longer as such. Many do not feel that they can (or should) rely upon America.

Consider Egypt. The leaked information reveals that the government wanted to manufacture and ship rockets from Egypt to Russia. Remarkable. A few examples.

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What we have learned from US leaks

While we were absorbing the leak, Vice President Joe Biden was on his personal journey to Ireland, where he reflected upon the US leadership that brokered the Good Friday Agreement.

It made me wonder if today’s America could broker such an amazing deal.

While Biden was visiting Ireland, where everything seemed to be reflecting, Brazil’s President was in Shanghai telling developing countries to abandon the dollar. Why should the dollar be our global currency? He asked to loud applause. China loved it.

In Saudi Arabia, Arab leader met. Syria was the focus as it is gaining ground in their club. Assad is getting closer to completing his rehabilitation after killing many of his family members. America’s outrage doesn’t matter.

The test is whether US investment sanctions will deter Arab nations.

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What is the ‘Tranq?’


Midweek in America saw an announcement that was unprecedented on a topic that should be more visible to Americans than the place they occupy in the world. It is drugs, and in particular, a cocktail named Tranq.

The White House announced that ” is an emerging threat for the nation“.

This was a major announcement, and a recognition of the magnitude of the problem. Overdoses have increased by 1,000% in the southern states. This is on top of the already shocking numbers: fentanyl kills over 100,000 Americans each year. Take that in.

On Friday, the US Justice Department made a major announcement. The headline was not very exciting: “Justice Department Announces Charges Against Sinaloa Cartel’sGlobal Operation.”

The Attorney General announced that the administration is taking steps to combat America’s opioid addiction.

The announcement, which described the brutality of Mexican cartels in detail (including the fact that people were fed to tigers), made me feel a sense of panic about the severity of America’s drugs problem.

The announcement also implied how difficult it was to stop the Mexican drug cartels, and even harder to stop China from supplying the raw materials to make fentanyl. This is especially true given the bad relationship between the United States and China. (See above for the discussion of America’s influence.

Then, there’s more.

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Why would the US ban abortion pills?


On Thursday night, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis passed a law banning abortion after six weeks of conception. This is the only place in the South that allows abortions.

This is a huge move following the Roe V Wade Supreme Court ruling last year.

The Florida news is a continuation of the confusion that has existed in both legal and real world contexts over the legality mifepristone.

Abortion is a complex issue that has been complicated by the rapid, confusing and contradictory developments.

It’s also hard to tell the abortion tale. We’re not ready to talk to those whose stories we would like to know.

Many women are now hundreds of miles away from their homes and urgently searching for legal abortion care.

Whiplash, then. Such a flurry news from America this week.

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US intelligence leaks suspect: ‘Had more online friends than actual friends’

Joe Biden’s emotional Ireland tour comes to an end

More Than 18,000 Cows Die in Texas Dairy Farm Explosion

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Biden thanked Ireland for its support of Ukraine

As the election cycle of 2024 begins, it’s time to buckle up. On that note, President Biden is expected to announce that he will run for office at any moment. It will raise legitimate concerns about his age.

A US election campaign is the ultimate test of a politician’s mental and physical stamina. It’s broken many politicians half Biden’s age.

Next week, the first job is to expose Fox News’ inner workings and a lie which consumed an entire nation. Stay tuned.


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