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Kim Jong Un ‘guides’ test of new missile – as launch sparks panic in Japan

According to North Korean media, Kim Jong Un “guided’ the test of a solid-fuel intercontinental missile.

KCNA reports that the new Hwasong-18 will “radically enhance” the country’s capability to counterattack nuclearly.

North Korea launched what appeared to be an entirely new ballistic missile model on Thursday, South Korea reported.

It was a launch that caused a panic in the north of Japan, where residents of Hokkaido were warned to take cover. However, there was no danger.


“The development and deployment of a new type of ICBM Hwasongpho-18 is expected to reformulate the strategic deterrence component of the DPRK. It will also radically improve the effectiveness of their nuclear counterattack posture, as well as bring about a significant change in its offensive military strategies,” KCNA stated.

Analysts believe this is the first time that North Korea has used solid propellants to power an intermediate-range missile or an intercontinental ballistic rocket.

North Korea has been aiming to develop a solid fuel ICBM for a long time, since it would allow them to deploy their missiles more quickly in case of war.

Image: A View of the Test Launch at an Undisclosed Location
Image: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, his daughter Kim Ju Ae and the test launch

The Kim said that it would make enemies “experience an even greater security crisis and continually strike them with extreme unease and horror by taking deadly and offensive counter-actions, until they abandon the senseless thinking and reckless actions”.

North Korea has accused recent US-South Korean military exercises of escalating tensions, and has increased weapons testing in recent months.

The majority of the largest ballistic missiles in the country use liquid fuel. This means that they must be filled with propellant before launch, which is a lengthy process.

Vann Van Diepen is a former US Government weapons expert and now works for the 38 North Project. He said that solids were easier to deploy in the field and had a smaller logistical train, making them harder to detect and more resistant to liquids.

Van Diepen added that liquids can be highly resistant when deployed on the field, but it all depends on Pyongyang’s choice of how to use their systems.

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Launch of air sirens in Japan
Image: People at a train station in Seoul, South Korea, watching a report about North Korea shooting a ballistic rocket

North Korea demonstrated what might be a solid-fuel ICBM at a parade, in February. This was after the country tested a high thrust solid-fuel engine back in December.

Analysts say the US will be able determine whether a launch is liquid or solid-fueled via early warning satellites that can detect differences in infrared data from different missile types.

The latest launch comes days after Kim demanded a stronger war deterrence that was “more offensive and practical” to counter the aggression of America, as North Korea described it.

Officials said that the missile was launched from Pyongyang and flew 620 miles, before it landed in waters to the east of North Korea.

North Korea claimed that the test did not pose any threat to its neighboring countries.


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