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The King’s first state visit was a post-Brexit push to sell Britain and it seems to have worked

There is a lot to be said about the soft power and influence of the monarchy.

The King had to convey a difficult message during his first state trip.

This was a post-Brexit PR push, a diplomatic mission to Sell Britain.

Reconciliation was one of the main themes of this trip.

Image: The Royal was celebrated in Hamburg by the crowds.

In a speech, the King praised the Queen’s pride in having played a key role back when she visited West Germany in 1965.

Many saw her trip as a turning point in post-war relations.

After Brexit, he arrived in Germany to help his mother reaffirm their Anglo-German friendship.

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Although we were told that the visit was to celebrate the relationship, it was more. It was about renewing allies after years of Brexit divisions.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President, couldn’t resist mentioning Brexit in his State Banquet Toast . However, there was no similar talk from the King.

Germany was not supposed to be his first destination, but protests in France caused the French trip to be postponed. This left that handshake moment for the Germans.

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The King’s visit to Germany was a ‘charm offensive’.

All stops were made. Jets immediately escorted the King’s plane into Berlin as soon as it entered German airspace. The same was true for the return trip.

In three days we have witnessed many firsts. From the Brandenburg Gate’s welcome ceremony to the German parliament’s floor speech, it was all here.

Although the words were written by the government, they were delivered in a mixture of English and German, with many references to Queen Elizabeth II. The sentiment was personal and deeply felt.

It felt even more political than the speeches given by the Queen. Referring to the Second World War and the “scourge” of war that returned with the conflict in Ukraine.

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The historic speech to the German parliament was marred by one major omission

The King is passionate about making cheese and then enjoys a cake made like a crown

A poignant first state visit confirms Anglo-German relations

Image His Majesty drinks a pint of Hamburg
Image Members from the public are pictured in front of the Hamburg visit of the monarch

It was well received by the two-minute standing ovation.

All engagements were arranged to highlight shared values and common interest, including the climate crisis, culture, and support for Ukraine .

The trip was successful because you get strong feelings from both sides.

Many times, it is said that the Queen was British diplomacy’s secret weapon.

During her reign, she made 121 state visits.

The King just completed his first.


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