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US and South Korea staging biggest military drills for years as North ramps up tensions

Its military is practicing exercises on the coast of South Korea.

It simulates the storming on a beach. Waves of amphibious assault vehicles KAAV crash onto the sand. Infantry groups disembark to run for positions.

It is a powerful display that focuses on the goal of defending peace on the peninsula.

This is a routine thing for a country that is technically at war with its nuclear-armed north neighbour. But it is its presence that makes this more difficult.


These drills are actually being conducted in collaboration with the United States, and it’s that that has attracted attention.

Captain Kevin Buss, US Marines, stated that “We’re here for our alliance with the Republic of Korea Marine Corp & Navy.”

“It’s been awhile since we did it last time, but it’s a routine exercise. It’s defensive in nature, and it’s contributing to the combined defense of the Korean Peninsula.”

Although he was careful about his words, the larger message spoke for itself.

The amphibious vehicle, which roared onto sand to support the first Korean wave, seemed to be a fitting metaphor for this kind of relationship.

For several weeks, a series of joint drills called Freedom Shield or Warrior Shield has been in operation.

This is the first time in five years that they have attempted to scale up at this level.

They were previously held annually but were stopped after the historic 2018 meeting between North Korean leaders, President Trump, and Kim Jong Un.

They agreed to a denuclearisation agreement at that time, but negotiations fell apart since then and the resumption drills is a reflection on how tensions have spiralled ever since.

Last year North Korea launched more rockets than any time since Kim Jong-Un took power in 2011.

Some in South Korea see these drills provocative and an escalation of violence that makes them less secure. A few protestors bearing banners that read “US troops get rid of Korea” arrived at the drills site. They were quickly removed by police.

These views are not unfounded. North Korea regards American military cooperation with South Korea as especially threatening and provocative.

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North Korea launches missile in attempt to’strike fear into its enemies’

In the past few weeks, it has responded by launching an array of nuclear-capable missiles including one from a submarine as well as its most advanced intercontinental missile. It also revealed nuclear warheads as well as a new underwater drone that it claims can unleash a “super-scale radioactive tsunami”.

In light of these facts, the South Korean government insists that its response is appropriate, necessary, and defensive.

Shin Beom Chul, South Korea’s vice defense minister, stated that “North Korea has been constantly developing nuclear weapons for many years despite our attempts to have talks with it.”

“The truth is that the threat has been growing. We have resumed military drills in response to the increasing threat since President Yoon was inaugurated.

“If North Korea’s progress is even a fraction of its past nuclear tests, then I believe they could make a nuclear weapon at any time they wish.”

It will be the first full nuclear test since 2017, and it will represent a significant escalation.

This is the “next” step many fear. South Korea might find it difficult not to respond.

Although there are no new threats to this region of the globe, it feels that efforts to deter them have been redoubled, this time with a message expressing strength and loyalty.


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