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Next wave of weight loss jabs could be coming – this time without the nausea

Ozempic, Wegovy and other weight loss jabs have been called the future of obesity treatment. However, some users become nauseated and gain the weight back as soon as they stop taking the injections.

A new weight loss method that has been proven to work in rats could solve both of these problems.

This potential weight loss miracle is currently known as GEP44.

It works in the same way as other weight-loss jabs because it interacts with gut hormone receptors. This allows you to curb your appetite, signal fullness and regulate blood sugar.


It activates multiple receptors, which is a difference that causes nausea and vomiting to disappear.

GEP44 was given to obese rats, which made them eat as much as 80% less than normal.

They had lost 12% of body weight by the end of the 16-day experiment, with no nausea.

Because rats cannot vomit, shrews were also included in the study. They did not show signs of sickness.

Researchers found that GEP44 reduces eating and increases calorie burning.

The American Chemical Society presented the research by Dr Robert Doyle of Syracuse University and Dr Christian Roth from Seattle Children’s Research Institute on Wednesday.

Dr Doyle stated that rats treated with GEP44 have slimmer bodies than before. This is not the case with .

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What does Wegovy do? The NHS has licensed the weight loss jab.

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As private clinics stockpile, Wegovy jab is already experiencing supply problems

This treatment reduced blood sugar by drawing glucose into muscle tissue where it can be used for fuel and by converting some cells in the pancreas to insulin-producing cells. It also helped replace diabetes-related complications.

Researchers have applied for patents on the compounds they created and plan to test them with primates.

Dr Doyle stated that for a long time we did not believe you could distinguish weight loss from nausea and vomiting. This is because they are linked to the same part of your brain.

The possibility of uncoupling these two pathways could have consequences for chemotherapy, which can cause similar side effects.

“What if chemotherapy drugs could be used to maintain their effectiveness but the brain responsible for nausea and vomiting could be switched off? He said that this would allow us to dose patients at a higher dosage, which would improve their prognosis and give them a better quality life during chemotherapy.


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