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Human blood ‘to drench St Paul’s Cathedral’ in protest over Prince Harry’s kill claim

In protest of Prince Harry’s comments about Afghanistan’s death toll, human blood will be used to “drench” one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks.

Andrei Molodkin, a Russian artist, has announced that he will project a sculpture made from blood donated by Afghans onto St Paul’s Cathedral over the next few days along with footage of his Duke of Sussex .

After Harry was criticised for telling that he killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan while serving, he wrote that it was not a number that filled him with satisfaction but also did not embarrass him.

He also confessed that he didn’t think of the people he killed as “people”, but rather as “chess pieces” which had been removed from the board.

Image Prince Harry is pictured in Afghanistan, 2008

Sky News’ Molodkin said Harry’s comments had made him “very angry”. His project was to “drench St Paul’s Cathedral with the blood of Afghani citizens.”

He said, “They thought they were chess figures ‘… to be used by a prince hunting by helicopter.” It looked like a safari situation.

“How he said it, it’s for him like a computer game.”

Image This sculpture is known as Royal Blood

Blood “pumped” into royal coat of arms

Molodkin stated that four Afghans from Calais have already donated blood to the sculpture, and five more Afghans will do the same when the stunt is completed before March 31st.

According to the artist, 1,250ml blood from donors will be used in the artwork. The blood is kept in a refrigerator and “pumped” into the sculpture.

He explained how the project would work by saying: “Blood is going in the royal coat, it will circulate there.

“It will project…on to the cathedral – so that all the cathedral is in the blood Afghani people.”

Moldokin stated that a video featuring Prince Harry would also be projected onto the cathedral.

Artist will attempt to get blood from within the cathedral

Molodkin stated that he would attempt to draw the blood of the Afghans inside the cathedral, where Harry’s parents, King Charles, and Diana were married. However, he hasn’t approached St Paul’s for permission.

He said, “I believe in the church you can give blood.”

It’s a cathedral, it’s open to all. Anyone can pray there. It’s a form of prayer that involves donating blood.

Sky News reached out to St Paul’s Cathedral, but was not able to get a reply.

Image This artwork is made up of blood donated from Afghans, according to Andrei Molodkin

Molodkin, a former soldier in the Soviet Union’s military, stated that he explained to Afghan donors why he was giving blood.

When asked how Harry’s comments affected them, he responded: “I think they feel very angry.”

He said, “Even in an army, you are afraid to participate in shooting others… it’s very stressful.” He thinks it’s a game.

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Afghan on Harry: “We should get compensation”

Artist can’t return to Russia for Putin sculpture

Molodkin, now living in France’s south, made headlines last year when he created a sculpture that featured an image of Vladimir Putin and was filled with blood donated from Ukrainian fighters.

Sky News: “Now, I can’t return to Russia,” he said.

He fears he could be sent to jail for his art if he returned to his country, according the current laws.

He said, “I cannot go there while Putin still has power, but I really believe it’s impossible to continue like that,” he continued.

“People who kill so many people, start a bloody war like this…and try to brainwash…can’t stay any longer.”

This controversial artist uses oil and blood to prove his point

  • Andrei Molodkin presented a replica trophy from the World Cup that was slowly filled with crude oil to coincide with last December’s World Cup in Qatar. It was symbolically priced at $150m, which corresponds to the sum of money that FIFA officials allegedly received in bribes or kickbacks.
  • Molodkin created a sculpture in the White House last August that contained radioactive blood from Nagasaki-born people to mark the 77th anniversary the Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic bombs.
  • Molodkin displayed a glass portrait by Vladimir Putin that was filled with blood from Ukrainian soldiers in May 2013. The artwork was live-streamed from Moscow’s Red Square during Mr Putin’s Victory Day Parade.
  • In 2013, Molodkin created an exhibition called Catholic Blood. It featured an installation in which he donated blood only from Catholics to his reproduction of the Rose Window at Westminster Abbey. He saw it as a Protestant symbol.
Image Andrei Molodkin claims that he has been making artwork with human blood for over a decade

Molodkin stated that he had “worked for human blood for fifteen years” and that the sculptures he makes “represent the symbol for power”, adding, “Then I ask people who are abused or this power to donate blood.”

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Taliban bans women from university

Senior military figures were critical of Harry’s book comments. Admiral Lord West, the former head the Royal Navy, reportedly called the prince “very stupid” warning that he was increasing the threat to the Invictus Games.

Taliban officials requested Harry be tried. A senior leader of the group said that the Taliban militants he killed weren’t “chess pieces”, but were human beings.

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Harry responded to the criticism by telling Stephen Colbert that it was a “dangerous lying” to claim he had “somehow boasted” about the number killed in Afghanistan.

The duke was a part of two tours to Afghanistan while he was in the military. One tour was in 2012-2013 when he was an Apache attack helicopter copilot gunner.


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