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Putin’s ‘child snatcher’ and other fugitives wanted by International Criminal Court

Russia has reacted after Vladimir Putin was arrested by the International Criminal Court. He is accused of war crimes and allegedly involved in kidnappings from Ukraine.

According to the ICC, the president is allegedly responsible “unlawful deportation and unlawful transfer children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation”.

On similar allegations, it also issued a warrant to Maria Alekseyevna Lvova–Belova, his child rights commissioner, for her arrest.

Putin visits Crimea to commemorate the annexation. – Latest war updates


The following are considered war crimes: torture, mutilation and corporal punishment, hostage-taking, and acts of terror. This category includes violations of human dignity like rape, forced prostitution and looting.

Crimes against humanity refer to acts that are committed in a coordinated or widespread attack against civilian populations, including murder, deportation and torture.

What do we know about Ms. Lvova-Belova, and other fugitives facing ICC arrest warrants

Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova

Image Vladimir Putin & Maria Alekseyevna Lvova–Belova photographed last month

In October 2021, Putin appointed Lvova-Belova as his commissioner for children’s rights.

Lvova-Belova has been accused by the British and Ukrainian authorities of forcible deportation, and the adoption of Ukrainian children during the Russian invasion that began in February 2022.

Lvova-Belova was approved by the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Although she claims to be the “savior” of Ukrainian children who were caught up in Russia’s so-called “special army operation”, her passionate rhetoric may conceal a sinister plot to deport Ukrainian children from territories occupied Russian invading troops.

According to a US report, Russia held at least 6 000 Ukrainian children in Russian-held Crimea. This is a site whose primary purpose seems to be political reeducation.

Lvova-Belova thanked Putin last month for “adopting” a 15 year-old boy from Mariupol (a southeastern Ukrainian town that was destroyed and occupied in the Russian occupation).

Image A column made up of Russian armoured cars seen on the way to Tskhinvali, South Ossetian capital in August 2008.

According to reports, Lvova-Belova was already a mother and guardian for 22 mostly adopted children.

She is also a member the governing body for the pro-Kremlin United Russia Party, which is the largest party in Russian parliament.

Mikhail Mayramovich Mindzaev

During the conflict between Russia and Georgia over South Ossetia in August 2008, the Russians are accused of war crimes. This is a separatist region of Georgia with close ties to Moscow.

Both sides lost hundreds of people and forced thousands of civilians to flee.

Human Rights Watch discovered that the Russian-backed South Ossetian troops deliberately destroyed the South Ossetia administration of ethnic Georgian villages after Georgian forces retreated from South Ossetia in August.

According to the report, the forces unlawfully arrested, beat, threatened and detained many ethnic Georgian civilians and even killed some of them, based on their ethnicity and political affiliations.

Mindzaev was arrested by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in June 2022. The ICC stated that the ex-Russian officer in police was the minister of interior affairs for the South Ossetian administration between 2005 and 2008.

He was charged with war crime of unlawful confinement and torture, inhuman treatment, outrages against personal dignity, hostage-taking, and unlawful transfer civilians.

These are alleged to have been committed during the conflict between 8 and 27 Aug 2008. He is still at large.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

Saif al Islam Gaddafi, a Libyan politician and second son to the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gadafi, is also known.

The ICC issued a warrant for Saif’s arrest in 2011 on two counts of crimes Against Humanity, murder and persecution.

He was trying to flee from Niger when he was taken hostage by a militia in Libya in 2011.

He registered to run as president in 2021. However, the election authority rejected him.

Joseph Kony

In July 2005, an arrest warrant was issued for the Ugandan rebel commander-in-chief of the militia group Lord’s Resistance Army.

The LRA’s decades-old war kept large swathes of north Uganda in fear of raids at night and violence.

Many of the child soldiers and their commanders were barely teens when they attacked unarmed villages, allegedly at Kony’s direction.

He is still on the run after several attempts by UN forces and Ugandan forces to capture him over the years.

Twelve counts of crimes against humanity are being brought against him, including murder, enslavement and sexual enslavement as well as inhumane acts that inflict serious bodily injury or suffering.

Kony was also charged by the ICC with 21 war crimes. These included murder, cruelty to civilians, intentional directing an attack on a civilian population and pillaging.

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