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Russian invasion of Ukraine and China’s aggression over Taiwan threaten to create a world ‘defined by danger’, PM warns

The UK’s prime minister warned that Russia’s war on Ukraine and China’s aggression against Taiwan could lead to a “world defined by danger, disorder, and division”.

Rishi Sunak foretold a difficult and dangerous decade when his government published on Monday a long-awaited update of a major defense, security and foreign policies review.

The document, which was 63 pages long, indicated that the world faces the greatest security threat in decades. It also included “uncontrolled conflict” with nukes.

School struck by a deadly missile; tensions are emerging between the US and Kyiv – Ukraine war latest


According to the Integrated Review Refresh, the most urgent security priority was to address the threat posed in Europe by Russia’s war on Europe.

It warned, however, that any future war on the Indo-Pacific in which tensions have risen with China over Taiwan could have “global implications greater than the conflict at Ukraine“.

Although the paper did not alter the basic assessments of the original review published in 2021 before Russia ’s full-scale invasion, the language was more stark.

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Mr Sunak referred to the Chinese Communist Party’s “epoch-defining” challenge. It was previously called a “systemic problem”.

He also explained how Russian President Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine was an attack on UK and wider European Security.

The prime minister described how the security environment has changed in the last two years with increased threats and challenges.

He wrote that Russia’s illegal invasion and weaponization of Ukraine’s energy and food supplies, as well as irresponsible nuclear rhetoric and China’s more aggressive stances in the South China Sea, and the Taiwan Strait are all threatening to create an order of danger, disorder, and division, and one more favorable to authoritarianism in a foreword.

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Ukraine: The latest from Bakhmut frontline

As part of the AUKUS project, which develops nuclear-powered submarines for Australia’s navy, the prime minister is visiting San Diego to meet President Biden.

Sky News was told by him that the program was not in response to China’s rising “systemic threat”.

“This partnership is something bigger.

“We are building the next generation attack submarines with world-beating technologies that we can share with one another.

He said, “Not only in the Pacific, but also the Atlantic, it will improve security around the globe and provide jobs,”

More for nuclear weapons and the submarine fleet

Due to the changing threats, Mr Sunak announced an additional PS3bn in the next two-years for the UK’s nuclear weapons fleet and submarine fleet. He also announced an additional PS1.9bn for ammunition stocks.

This document was published ahead of Wednesday’s government budget. The document outlined a plan to raise UK defense spending to 2.5% GDP. This is an increase from just over 2 percent. However, it did not specify a timeframe.

The review warned of future threats and said that there was a growing possibility that the international security climate would worsen in the next few years. State threats will increase and diversify in Europe and elsewhere.

“The risk of escalation has never been greater than in the past decades.” A growing number of sophisticated weapons systems have been created and are being tested.

This raised concerns about the effects of a decrease in the number of arms control agreements between Russia and the United States.

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What could the economic impact of a China-Taiwan conflict be?

The text stated that “the strategic stability mechanisms that were designed to reduce the risk of miscalculation, misunderstanding and unintended escalated have not been developed at the rate required to ensure that there is no spillover into uncontrolled conflict.”

It also stated that tensions in the Indo-Pacific are growing and conflict there could lead to global consequences even greater than the conflict in Ukraine.”

Warnings About Iran and North Korea

The Integrated Review Refresh warned of an increased threat from Iran, which is advancing a nuke weapons program.

North Korea also “seeks to increase its nuclear capabilities and pursue regionally destabilizing activities through missile tests that could threaten its neighbors”.

Many of the findings from the previous review were reaffirmed or strengthened by the text.

The 2023 update includes a section on UK policy toward China. This is to balance security concerns with a desire for engagement with Beijing in areas mutually beneficial, such as climate change.

Some Conservative Party members, such as Liz Truss, have criticized this nuanced approach. They are more hawkish than Liz Truss.

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China is ‘likely to invade Taiwan

“Grow concerns” over China’s government

Reviewers expressed concern about the Chinese government’s actions, as well as its strengthening relationship to Russia despite the conflict in Ukraine.

It also pointed out how China pursued “rapid, opaque military modernisation with large new investments, militarised islands in the South China Sea and refused to give up the use of force for its objectives with respect to Taiwan“.

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The UK reiterated its position on Taiwan and said that it believes tensions regarding Taiwan’s self-governing island should be resolved peacefully.

However, Mr Sunak’s assessment also highlighted Beijing’s importance and size. China is a fifth of all world economies.

According to the text, Britain will “engage constructively” in dialogue with China’s government, business, and people when it serves its national interest. However, Britain will take “robust actions” to address any threats.

Labour’s response to the Defence Spending announcement was harsh. It pointed out how the army would still shrink from 76,000 to 73,000 troops.

John Healey, shadow defence secretary, stated that “The first duty any government has is to defend the nation and keep its citizens safe.” The Conservatives failed to ensure Britain’s future national defense.


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