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Chinese foreign minister warns ‘reckless’ US risks ‘catastrophic’ conflict

China’s foreign minister warned of conflict if the US continues its reckless approach to relations between Beijing and Washington.

Qin Gang claimed that rising tensions between the two countries were Washington’s fault, with the recent flashpoint being the downing of a surveillance balloon.

After it was spotted crossing the US, President Joe Biden ordered the mysterious reconnaissance aircraft to be taken out.

At his first news briefing as a member of his team, on the sidelines a Beijing legislative meeting, Mr Qin stated that America’s handling the incident had “created an international crisis that could be avoided”.


He claimed that the US attempted to suppress and contain China rather than competing, which he called a “reckless gamble”, which puts global security at stake.

He stated that “If the United States doesn’t hit the brake and continues down the wrong track, no amount guardrails will stop derailment, which can lead to conflict and confrontation.”

“And who will suffer the devastating consequences?”

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China surveillance programme ‘unacceptable’

The administration of Mr Biden has taken a hard stance against Xi Jinping’s government, including its relationship to Russia and claims over Taiwan , which fears an invasion in coming years .

Last month, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned of “consequences,” if Beijing supplies weapons to Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. Mr Biden has pledged to “defend Taiwan” should this happen.

Mr Qin denied that arms were sent to Moscow and said China was ready to take the necessary steps to “reunification with Taiwan”, despite Taiwan’s rejection of its sovereignty claim.

“Cold war style” blocs are becoming more common

It is important to recall how carefully “press conferences” are curated with top Chinese officials.

All questions are pre-agreed, with little hard-hitting making it through selection. The answers are mostly scripted.

Many foreign journalists who were based in Beijing were not invited.

This lens should allow us to see today’s event as the foreign minister delivering the message he wants the world to hear.

He spoke out about the deteriorating relationship with America and pinned the blame for tensions squarely at the US.

His words will be deliberately strong.

He said that America was displaying a “hysterical, new McCarthyism” towards China and warned that the US would not “prevent derailing” and there would be conflict unless it “hits the brakes.”

Both fronts, this language is brand new and will no doubt be used to send the most severe warnings.

He also addressed the American accusation of China selling arms to Russia in order to support its fight against Ukraine.

He is the highest ranking Chinese official to do this.

China has been a cautious observer of the conflict, never condoning it or condemning it. However, China has quietly provided aid to the Russians.

Qin suggested that China should be viewed as a peacemaker because, unlike other countries in the West it has “not provided arms” to either party.

However, “has not” does not mean “will not”, and this important distinction will not be overlooked.

It’s also worth noting that a Russian reporter asked about China/Russia friendship and was third selected. This was followed by a warm answer.

It’s difficult to not see today’s performance as showing that China-West tensions are growing more complex and that the ‘cold warfare style’ blocs that China claims to reject are becoming more common.

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What could the economic impact of a China-Taiwan conflict be?

According to the minister, the war in Ukraine was motivated by an invisible hand to support “certain geopolitical agendas”.

He said that “Conflicts, sanctions, or pressure will not solve this problem” and called for peace negotiations to be started.

Beijing’s foreign minister presented a 12-point plan for ending the war on its first anniversary, 24 February. However, it continues to refrain from condemning Russia or calling the conflict an “invasion”.


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