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‘We will not retreat’: Ukrainian forces vow to stand firm as Russia bombards Bakhmut

Volodymyr Zelenskyy claims that his top military commanders have vowed to defend Bakhmut, the eastern city under intense Russian pressure.

According to the Ukrainian president, generals had agreed to strengthen defenses and that the top brass would “find appropriate forces to support our guys” there.

This video is being circulated on social media as it purports that a unarmed Ukrainian prisoner was shot and executed by Russian troops.

Putin doubles down on move to prevent unrest in Russia – latest war updates


Before he is shot, the man wearing a Ukrainian uniform smokes and exclaims “Glory to Ukraine”.

Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine’s minister for foreign affairs) described the video and stated that it was yet more evidence of the war being “genocidal”.

He called upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately investigate the shooting and branded it a “war crime”, adding that the perpetrators must face justice.

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Mr Zelenskyy stated that his advisers had unanimously decided to continue fighting in Bakhmut despite Russia’s attempts to seize it for six months, with thousands of its soldiers dying in the process.

Moscow attacked the Donbas city with heavy bombardment in a three-sided attack, but its forces were unable to strike a decisive blow that would allow them to capture it and end the resistance.

One of Mr Zelenskyy’s advisors suggested that the Ukrainian troops may have to retreat and return to their previous positions a few days ago.

Mykhailo podolyak, the president’s top advisor, stated Monday that the forces had been reducing the invaders, strengthening their positions, and training tens to thousands of military personnel for possible counteroffensive.

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Analysis: Ukraine themes emerge

Analysts say the city is symbolic in its importance. Russia’s capture of it would not mark a turning point. It would also mean Russian President Vladimir Putin could bring some good news to his citizens back home.

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Russian diplomat makes a joke about Ukraine war and gets snorted by his colleagues

Putin is a historian – what can this tell us about Russia’s possible outcomes?

Hate crimes related to Ukraine war surge

The Bakhmut battle exposed Russian military weaknesses and bitter divisions.

Yevgeny Prizhin, millionaire owner and leader of the Wagner mercenary team, has been at odds with the Russian defense ministry for months. He accuses it of deliberately depriving him of ammunition, an allegation it denies.

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Bakhmut is on the verge to capture

Friday was Friday when Mr Prigozhin stated that his units had “practically surrounded Bakhmut”.

In a Saturday video, he stated that “if Wagner withdraws from Bakhmut now the entire front will collapse.” This situation is not good for any military formations that protect Russian interests.

Image: Yevgeny Privozhin, millionaire owner and operator of the Wagner mercenary company. Pic: Prigozhin Press Service/AP

On Monday, he acknowledged that Ukraine had created its own forces in the surrounding areas to try and push Wagner out from Bakhmut. He also said that Russia needed his help to seize the city.

In a statement by his press office, Mr Prigozhin stated that he was knocking on every door and raising the alarm about reinforcements and ammunition as well as the need for cover of our flanks.

“If everyone works together, without ambition, sloppy decisions, or tantrums, we can block the armed forces in Ukraine.” If not, everyone will be screwed.

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According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Mr Putin is holding off on announcing a second mobilization because he fears unrest in Russia.

In what seemed to be an admission that Moscow was not planning to wage war on Ukraine, Putin ordered a partial mobilization of Russia last September.

Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister, stated that Russia would draft 300,000.

The ISW stated that Mr Putin had been “delaying announcing a second mobilization wave since January” and is reportedly increasing his ‘quiet mobilization’ to prevent any unrest in Russia.


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