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China’s regime faces difficult questions post-COVID as Xi Jinping tightens grip

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing is breathtaking.

It is located in a politically sensitive area looking out over Tianmen Square. Filming here is usually impossible. Even taking out your phone can get you close attention from police.

This weekend is different.

Image Xi Jinping could theoretically be the leader for life

All those who were granted the right to travel beyond closed roads were permitted to take and view selfies.


That’s exactly what the approximately 3,000 delegates from all over the country did.

They were happy to be there, and it was evident that they felt a celebratory atmosphere.

The majority of the men were dressed in suits. However, a few were wearing traditional clothing of ethnic minorities. This is a significant display of diversity considering China’s history of oppressing these groups.

They had met for China’sequivalent to the opening of Parliament. This is an annual event on the political calendar, but it has extra significance this year.

This “Two Sessions”, or “Liang Hui,” in Chinese, sees Xi Jinping re-elected as president of the country for , a precedent-setting third term.

In theory, he could be the leader for the rest of his life.

Image Despite Beijing’s history of oppressing ethnic minorities, there was an expression of diversity.

The entire event was tightly guarded and controlled.

We had to quarantine the animal for 24 hours at a hotel in a closed loop and then take a test.

As we ascended the grand staircase to enter the building’s entrance, facial recognition technology displayed each of our photos in turn.

We were closely watched by hundreds of masked security guards.

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All About Xi

The theory is that the delegates vote on legislation, key positions, and changes to constitutions.

The budget increase this year was a slight one, but all of it has been decided previously in closed-door meetings.

The Great Hall was filled with delegates who clapped in unison when the president and his top teams entered.

Although Mr Xi did not take the lectern, the weekend was all about him.

The cabinet filled with his friends was confirmed as his top team reshuffle. His agenda for China is now clearly in the forefront.

Image: Filming in Beijing’s Great Hall is usually prohibited

This government has questions to answer. Not least, how do you rebuild an economy that was battered by an excessive no-COVID policy .

The economic forecasts were actually more cautious than usual, and growth has slowed dramatically.

This is a matter of public opinion and it is hurt.

Many Chinese suffered tremendously during severe lockdowns, only for the policy’s to be dramatically dropped overnight.

There weren’t many solutions.

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A large number of journalists trainees were present at a press conference that was mainly attended by state media.

It seemed that the questions had been carefully selected and the answers prepared.

It is possible to sense that this is the beginning of a new chapter for China. This is post-COVID, which is a time of increased tensions with the West. The man in charge could be the leader for the rest of his life.

China today is more prosperous and stronger than ever, but it still has many difficult questions beneath its carefully managed aesthetic.


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