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COVID most likely leaked from Wuhan lab, says US Energy Department

According to the US Energy Department, the COVID-19 virus was most likely spread from a Wuhan laboratory.

The Wall Street Journal saw a report from the US agency stating that the virus wasn’t being developed as part of a weapon program.

The updated report was recently presented to the White House, members of Congress and the White House. It marks a shift in the department’s position regarding how the virus came about. It had previously stated that it was not sure how COVID emerged.

The FBI, along with the Energy Department believes that a laboratory leak is the main source of the virus. However, the FBI stated that they were making this judgment with “low confidence” as opposed to the FBI, which made its decision with “moderate confidence” in 2021.


It was believed to be natural transmission, according to four other US agencies. Two more remain unofficially undecided.

According to Wall Street Journal, the report was done “in light of new intelligence and further study of academic literature as well as consultation with experts outside of government.”

Jake Sullivan, White House national security advisor, stated that there are still many views on the matter.

More information on Covid-19

On Sunday, he told CNN that President Joe Biden repeatedly asked the intelligence community for information about the origins of the pandemic.

“President Biden requested specifically that the national laboratories, which are part the Energy Department be included in this assessment because he wants every tool available to be able figure out what happened,” Mr. Sullivan stated.

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Past COVID infected ‘as good a vaccines’

Long COVID patients are more likely to have organ damage one year later.

There are conflicting theories around the origin of the virus in the world.

According to a 2021 report, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the official position is that the virus originated from the Wuhan laboratory. However, it was not entirely ruled out.

According to the experts, the most probable explanation is that the virus originated from a bat and crossed to an intermediary creature before jumping to humans.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO chief Tedros, maintains that all possible hypotheses regarding the origin of the virus are on the table. He has asked Beijing for further investigation.

China previously accused the US, among other things, of politicizing the investigation and making the US “scapegoat” for the pandemic.


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