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‘All lives are priceless’: Russian ambassador interrupts minute’s silence for Ukraine

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations interrupted a minute of silence for Ukraine, as members of Security Council rose to honor the “victims” of aggression in the war.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, addressed the New York crowd before requesting that silence be observed to show respect for those who have died.

As representatives got up, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s ambassador, repeatedly tapped his microphone.

After being allowed to speak, Mr Nebenzya stated: “We are standing up to remember all the victims of what happened in Ukraine, beginning in 2014.


“All those who have perished, all life are priceless.”

Zelenskyy reflects on his most difficult moment in conflict. Follow live war updates

Most likely, Mr Nebenzya was referring to Russian civilians who died fighting in Ukraine after Moscow invaded and annexed Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

It was a very tense moment before Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy addressed a news conference marking the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine .

In the meantime, Zelenskyy said he would meet Chinese leader Xi Jinping in what would be a significant moment.

He didn’t say when this meeting might take place.

He said, “I intend to meet Xi Jinping and believe that this will be beneficial for both our countries as well as for security around the world.”

China is close to Russia and has been trying to make itself a peace broker in recent times. Today, China released a 12-point “peace plan”.

At the Kyiv news conference, Mr Zelenskyy stated that China had “started talking about Ukraine”, and that this was “not bad”.

He said that China had made a statement indicating respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

As Western powers fear that China may begin to supply Russia with weapons, the president made these remarks.

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Chinese arms could fuel war?

UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunak said that he supports Mr Zelenskyy’s call for “China to engage Ukraine” in response to the Russian war.

Deborah Haynes, Sky’s security editor and defence editor, asked Mr Zelenskyy in Kyiv if Ukraine could win on the battlefield or if they would have to negotiate with Russia to end the war.

The president of Ukraine replied, “Everyone has seen that they murder people, torture people, and they aren’t even trying to hide these attacks.”

“They are discussing nuclear matters. They wanted to kill civilians with drones from Iran, but those civilians didn’t have guns. Instead, they had their children.

Image: Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine’s foreign minister), led the minute of silence that was just before it was broken. Pic by AP

He said, “Do you think that we Ukrainians could sit down and negotiate with all this?” This phenomenon is called Russianism.

“We must start from scratch. We need to return to what was broken. Respect our right to live on the land we own.

“Leave our territory. Stop shelling us. Stop killing civilians.

Stop airstrikes against the city and stop killing animals, dogs, cats, and cats. Stop burning the forests.”

He said that Russia must “stop doing all that” before it can be considered diplomatically how the war could end.

He also said to those present that victory over Russia is “inevitable” if Ukraine’s partners do their “homework”.

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Russian Ambassador: “You give preference Ukraine’

He also stated that he would like to see Latin America, Africa and China join him in helping to achieve peace in Ukraine.

He said that “these countries are also very important”, and added that he would love to organize a summit with Ukraine and Latin American countries.

Mr Zelenskyy was previously asked about Russian war crimes, and whether the accused could be tried in Ukraine.

He stated that Russia needs a special tribunal and mechanism to hold it accountable for its actions in the conflict.

Mr Zelenskyy stated that it was a huge task and they are still working on it.

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Journalist requests Zelenskyy to take a photo

Also, the leader of Ukraine was asked what moment of war he found most difficult.

As he spoke, the room became silent.

He said, “I think Bucha.” “The moment that we de-occupied Bucha. It was terrible. We’ve seen that the devil isn’t somewhere below us, he’s right there with us.

A massacre of Ukrainian civilians, as well as prisoners of war, took place in Bucha in the Kyiv Region.

According to Ukrainian authorities, 458 bodies were discovered in a mass grave by Russian troops after they left.

Also, Mr Zelenskyy was asked about his biggest mistakes and who he thinks has disappointed him in his country.

He said, “I’d love to start with those who disappointed me,”

“All those who fled on the 24th of February… All those who left Kyiv and all those leaving cities and towns… All those who were supposed fight for this country, all those supposed to ensure its security.”

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“It’s no life, it’s hell”: Sky’s Alex Rossi reports on the Donbas region

Concerning the question of his own error, Mr Zelenskyy stated that he didn’t know.

“I work from early morning until late night. I’m a human being and I make choices. I am certain I make mistakes from time-to-time.”

A journalist from Azerbaijan snapped a photo with Mr Zelenskyy during a news conference.

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Before asking Mr Zelenskyy one question, he said that his son had asked him to take a picture with him.

Mr Zelenskyy seemed happy to oblige and smiled for the photograph.

The Ukrainian president said that he would start with the questions his son had asked and then move on to the question he asked.


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