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Johnson calls on UK to ‘break the ice’ by sending fighter jets to Ukraine – and warns China against ‘historic mistake’

Boris Johnson said that China would make a “historic error” if Russia supplies it with weapons. He also urged the UK “break the ice”, by becoming the first nation to supply Ukraine fighter jets.

As the one-year anniversary for Russia’s invasion nears, Mark Austin of Sky News said that he was “very worried” to see President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Wednesday.

When asked about the possibility that Beijing might support Russia’s war effort using weapons, Mr Johnson replied: “I believe it would be a historic mistake by China.

Image: Boris Johnson, Kyiv, January 2023. Pic: AP

“Why would China want to be infected by Putin’s association? Putin has already shown himself to be a gangster and adventurer. It would be a huge, major mistake for China.


“But it does show that we must give the Ukrainians the support they need this year to ensure their victory in 2023.”

Putin declares a military holiday following a missile warning. NATO says it cannot allow Moscow to win – war news

After Sky News reported that The Treasury had indicated there was no money to support defense, despite acknowledging the need to rearm following the war, Johnson was the prime minister.

Boris Johnson: More

According to current circumstances, the British army would run out ammunition in a matter of days if it was called on to fight. It would also take 10 years to build a modern warfighting unit of around 25,000 to 35,000 troops.

When asked if the UK’s defence industry should be placed on a “war footing”, Mr Johnson responded: “I believe we must be making sure we have what we need.”

“But, if you take a look at the UK’s defenses and how we can make sure our country is protected as well as the Euro-Atlantic security zone, then the best thing that you can do and the most economic thing that you can do is make sure Putin loses in Ukraine and that the Ukrainians prevail.”

Johnson said that he meant to say that we should continue to supply munitions as much as possible. We must make more munitions.

Johnson: Ukraine can use planes to retake territory

As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilenskyy calls on the West to provide his country fighter jets for their war effort, the former prime minister was speaking.

Western leaders are concerned that Ukraine might use the aircraft to attack targets in Russia, however.

Johnson seemed confident that the Ukrainians would only use them for national defense and encouraged the government’s supply of Typhoon jets to the UK military.

“What the Ukrainians want are F-16s. We don’t actually have F-16s, but we do have Typhoons. There is a case for the UK to break the ice and give them Typhoons. We can train people to use these machines if it’s about training them.

Johnson said that he believes Ukraine can retake territory from Russia if it is equipped with fighter jets capable of destroying their command and control centres and artillery positions.

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“I have nowhere else”

“Decisive moment in the early 21st Century”

A question was also put to the former prime minister about President Zelenskyy’s warning that there might be a third war if Ukraine loses its conflict.

“I believe there is a real danger that Putin will make any sort of success out this. He will then be able not only to continue to threaten Ukraine but also all parts of the former Soviet Empire that he wants to infuriate.

“And everyone else will come to the conclusion that aggression pays off, and that borders can still be changed with force.

“This is a crucial moment for the entire world. This is a crucial moment. This is the pivot moment in your destiny. This is the crucial moment in the 21st century.

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Johnson also asked Mr Putin about his motives for invading Ukraine. He said that he was not really threatened by Ukraine, a potential NATO member. It was not possible to establish NATO’s missiles in Ukraine.

Putin did this to boost his domestic position and to rebuild the Soviet empire. It would be a horrible signal if he achieves any success.

“It would send a terrible message to the world for all those who care deeply about border security and should not be altered by force.”


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