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US will defend ‘every inch of NATO’ – as Moscow welcomes China’s help in ‘resolving’ Ukraine war

Joe Biden stated that the US would defend NATO “literally every inch” against Russian aggression, while Moscow welcomed China’s active participation in “resolving the” Ukraine war.

President of the United States met with leaders of the Bucharest Nine, a group of countries in the most eastern part of NATO that came together to respond to Putin’s 2014 annexe of Crimea from Ukraine.

This alliance includes Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary Latvia, Lithuania Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

These countries expressed concern that Vladimir Putin might launch military action against their country next, if he wins in Ukraine.


Biden warns that freedom is at risk in NATO meeting. Follow live updates

“You’re our frontlines of collective defense,” said Mr Biden of the group.

“And you know better than anyone what is at stake in this conflict. Not only for Ukraine, but also for freedom of democracies in Europe and the rest of the world.

He said that NATO’s mutual defense pact was “sacred” to him and that he would defend “literally every inch of NATO”.

Image: Vladimir Putin meets Wang Yi, China’s chief of foreign policy. Pic by AP

Putin meets China’s top diplomat in Russia

Russia welcomed Beijing’s active participation in the efforts to “resolve” the war, after China’s top diplomat Wang Yi met Vladimir Putin.

After the meeting, Putin stated that he looked forward to a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

He said that Russia and China have no other influence.

Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign minister spokeswoman, said that Mr Wang’s visit had demonstrated that Beijing and Moscow have reached an agreement on many issues.

Ms Zakharova was kind enough to praise China’s “balanced approach” towards war.

“We are pleased that China is willing to play a positive part in the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis,” Ms Zakharova stated.

Russian state media quoted Mr Wang as saying that China would “firmly adhere to a objective and impartial position, and play a constructive part in the political settlement for the crisis”.

China refused to condemn the invasion of Ukraine, while condemning Russia’s sanctions.

Russia supported China in return amid tensions between the US and China over Taiwan.

Russia will begin military exercises in South Africa with China on Friday. A frigate with hypersonic cruise missiles of the new generation has been sent by Russia.

Russian officers stated that Moscow would fire artillery but not missiles because of their speed, which makes it difficult to shoot them down.

Putin is proud to be associated with those who are fighting for Ukraine

The visit of the top Chinese diplomat to Russia was made as Mr Putin addressed , a large rally held in Moscow.

He stated that Russia was proud of the Ukrainian soldiers fighting for the fatherland, and added that the whole country supports them.

As he spoke, chants of “Russian, Russia, Russia” could be heard all around him.

Around 200,000 people had gathered in Moscow for Mr Putin’s speech.

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“There is a battle on our historical borders”

Biden condemns Russia’s decision to suspend nuclear treaty cooperation

In the meantime, Mr Biden stated that Mr Putin made a “big error” by pulling out of the nuclear treaty between the US & Russia.

As he arrived at Warsaw’s presidential palace for the summit of the Bucharest Nine, he made this comment to reporters.

Moscow insists that its withdrawal from the New START Treaty does not increase the risk of nuclear warfare.

This move will have an immediate effect on US visibility into Russian nukes activities, as each side was allowed to conduct 18 inspections each year at strategic nuclear weapons sites.

Biden wishes to project strength and resolve, as well as unity

Dominic Waghorn

International Affairs Editor


Joe Biden will be putting diplomatic weight behind all of the beautiful imagery and words this week.

According to the White House, he is determined to show strength, resolve, and unity. He is now meeting his allies after his surprise visit to Kyiv, and the passionate rallying cry for freedom he made in Warsaw in this speech.

They need to be reassured that the US is there for them, regardless of Russian aggression in Ukraine or elsewhere.

After Vladimir Putin’s dire speech in Moscow, the Bucharest Nine countries of NATO’s Eastern flank met.

Another perverse view of history was presented by him. He claimed NATO initiated the war and then announced Russia’s withdrawal from the START nuclear weapons treaty, a major blow to nuclear arms reduction efforts.

As the war enters a new year, the move is seen by western capitals to be more Russian President nuclear bullying.

Joe Biden, before meeting his central European allies, condemned the move.

The treaty also places a limit on the number strategic nuclear warheads the US and Russia may deploy.

Russia said that it will not withdraw from the pact and would continue to respect the limits on nuclear weapons established under the treaty.

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Eyewitness – One of the most intense battles in Ukraine’s war is intensifying

Russian mercenary boss releases photo of fallen soldiers

According to Interfax news agency, Sergei Ryabkov, deputy foreign minister, said that he does not believe that suspending the New START Treaty will bring us closer to nuclear war.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president, stated that the world was “on top of a global war” despite the comments made by the foreign minister.

He wrote, “If the US wants Russia to defeat, we have every right to defend ourselves using any weapon, even nuclear.”

M. Biden spoke out about Russia’s decision to suspend its cooperation under the New START Treaty.

He made the comment and promised that the US would defend eastern NATO territory the day after making an historic speech at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Biden warned that Russia’s aggression would not stop at Ukraine’s borders if it was unchecked. He stated that “appetites of an autocrat can’t be appeased.” They must be opposed.

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“Putin left with disorganized forces”

He also met with Maia Sandu, the Moldovan President, in Warsaw. She claimed that Moscow was behind a plot against her country’s government by using external saboteurs.

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilenskyy claimed that his country had intercepted plans to destroy Moldova by Russian secret service, she spoke out. These claims were later confirmed and supported by officials from Moldovan intelligence.

Viktor Orban from Hungary, the right-wing populist leader, was absent from the Bucharest Nine meeting.

Instead, President Katalin Novak was there

“We must end the cycle of Russian aggression”

Jens Stoltenberg from NATO, Secretary General, was present at the meeting and stated: “We don’t know when war will end. But when it does, then we need to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.”

He referred to the past Russian actions in Georgia, Ukraine and said that Russia cannot continue to undermine European security. We must end the Russian aggression cycle.”

In the meantime, Kyiv stated that there cannot be peace talks with Russian troops in Ukraine.


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