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‘I want to win in this war’: One of the fiercest battles of the Ukraine war is intensifying

A French mortar was used by the Ukrainian soldiers to fire an American round at a common enemy.

The target was said to be a Russian munitions storage site near Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine . This is where the conflict is intensifying.

“Fire!” One of the soldiers yelled, “Fire!”

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An officer kneeling down pulled a metal cord which triggered the MO120 rifled-towed mortar, a Cold War-era weapon that had a new purpose.

It flew the round through the cloudy sky, over the snow-covered fields.

A third soldier came forward, holding a second M1101 mortar gun round, shaped like a miniature green rocket.

He dropped the weapon down the barrel to fire the weapon again.

They fired three rounds before moving quickly to a safer position, all too aware that Russian forces could fire back.

A 3rd Brigade officer, 2nd Battalion, stated that his troops would win, despite being pushed against a larger number of mercenaries and Russian soldiers on this frontline.

Image: Mortar and artillery positions close to Bakhmut

Situation “Looks like the First World War or the Second World War”

Senior Lieutenant Yaroslav explained how waves of Wagner mercenaries would have to be ordered to advance, despite running into Ukrainian fire.

He said, “When our fighters viewed this, they were really surprised.” “What’s happening near Bakhmut is reminiscent of the First or Second World War. People [mercenaries] are running straight up [rather than ducking below ]… They don’t have anything to lose].

Sky News visited an artillery position, 15 minutes from the mortar site. Sky News saw troops staying warm in a makeshift bunker accessible via a trench.

To make it harder for the Russians when they were out in the snow, the men sat on a row of wooden planks.

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Biden talks are’very fruitful.’ – Zelenskyy

“I feel fury and want to win this war”

Two of them said that they joined the military only after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion nearly exactly one year ago.

Bohdan, a serviceman who spoke in broken English, said, “I feel fury and want to win this war.”

When asked if he was scared, he replied: “No, but I’m in the country.” “I saved my country.”

Artem, a second soldier, stated that he joined the war in March. At the time, I was motivated and had energy. Nothing’s changed.”

He joked that digging was the hardest part of living in trenches. It is the most difficult thing. Digging is a constant chore. Dig, dig, and dig!

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Russian forces moving slowly forward

Despite Ukraine’s efforts to stop attempts to seize Bakhmut with significant firepower, the Russian forces seem to be moving slowly after months of bloody clashes.

The nearby town of Chasiv Yar is a sign of this advancement – it would be the next step in Moscow’s path if Bakhmut falls.

Many residents fled as the city has been under Russian bombardment.

According to Serhiy Chaus (the local mayor), more than 10 people were killed. He described the situation as “hard, but stable.”

When asked if he was concerned that the Russians might seize the town, he replied: “Who isn’t worried?” We are concerned, but we believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Image Evacuations at Chasiv Yar

Teams are working to evacuate civilians from high-risk areas

Evacuation teams are being called out daily to assist those who cannot leave due to poor health, age or lack of transportation.

One group of civilian volunteers was met by us – four young men, who stated that they were willing to help despite the danger. They lived about 10 miles away in Kostiantynivka which has been a hub for anyone looking to move forward.

They were equipped with helmets, body armor, and tourniquets. Then they got into minibuses (one purple and one yellow) and began to travel.

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“We must win this year”

“I am trying to make it brave”

Oleksiy Zabrodin (31 years old), said that he was a bit scared but is trying to be brave.

He spoke in English and said: “I understand that it is important to our people.” It is our country.

The volunteers arrived at Chasiv Yar’s culture centre, which was being used as a distribution point.

A small group of residents waited outside the front door to get basic supplies such as pasta or bags of oatmeal.

Before heading to the first evacuation address with just one minibus, the team loaded cardboard boxes containing food and medicines.

Image Nina (73) said that her house had been bombed four times, and she was afraid for her life

“We abandoned everything”

Nina, aged 73, was dressed in bright red and an orange headscarf as she waited at her bungalow, which is located on a narrow residential street that is covered in snow.

She claimed that her home had been destroyed four times, and that she was afraid for her safety.

One volunteer took her by the arm and guided her into the vehicle. Others collected items that she needed to take with her.

Svitlana, her daughter, sat beside her mother as she drove the minibus off.

Both women were crying.

“Do you not know what people feel when they give up everything they have worked so hard for? The daughter cried.

Nina stated that she had “abandoned everything… The house has been smashed.”

Because of the possibility of more shells landing, volunteers worked as fast as they could.

Simple act of affection

They stopped at a tiny, single-storey home where Maria, 83, and her husband lived.

She couldn’t walk and looked very confused.

She was carefully taken out by volunteers on a stretcher. Her husband followed her on foot. A few of their belongings were also packed up in bags.

The elderly man gave his wife a hand as he sat on the backseat of the minibus. This was a simple gesture of affection to help her feel more at ease.

Image: Svitlana with her seven-year old daughter Maria

Forced out of

Before heading out of ChasivYar to relative safety, the final stop was at the culture center to pick up some more people who wanted to flee.

Another woman named Svitlana was among those who climbed aboard the minibus. She was accompanied by her seven-year old daughter Maria. Maria was wearing a large silver puffer jacket to keep warm.

The mother stated, “Life and the circumstances forced us to leave.”

When asked how she felt, the young girl replied: “Bad.”

She simply said, “Peace” as her wish for what she wanted.


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