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Putin is attempting to destabilise European countries to divert attention from Ukraine, warns Kosovo’s president

There are warnings that the Ukraine conflict could escalate and bring in more countries on the eve before the anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

America states China may join the conflict as an active member of Russia. They will also start sending weapons.

There are real concerns that Vladimir Putin is intensifying efforts to destabilise other countries, from Moldova the Western Balkans.

This was the subject of an exclusive interview with Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani during the Munich Security Conference.


Sky News spoke out saying that “he’s trying do is to divert attention from Ukraine,”

“He would be able do that by creating other conflicts within Europe, whether it’s in Moldova, Georgia, or the Western Balkans.”

img alt=”Kosovo president Vjosa-osmani-kosovo_6063167.jpg?20230219184531 760w,×432/skynews-vjosa_osmani kosovo_6063167.jpg?20230219184531 760w,×900/skynews_6063167.jpg/e3.365dm.jpg/00/skynews_6063167_6063167_6063167_6063167_6063167.jpg.jpg.jpg. class=”sdc-article-image__item” intrinsicsize=”768×432″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(min-width: 1024px) 1024px, 100vw” src=”” srcset=”×216/skynews-vjosa-osmani-kosovo_6063167.jpg?20230219184531 380w, 760w, 1024w, 2048w”/>
Image: President Vjosa Osmani

While she was speaking, pro-Russian politicians rallied protestors in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

Russia claims that Russia seeks to destabilize the country.

According to President Osmani, the Kremlin would like the same for Kosovo through its ally Serbia.

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She claims that Russia is using the same methods used in eastern Ukraine to incite civil war and destabilize the country in 2014.

She said, “They tried creating false flag operations.”

“They send in paramilitary troops that are disguised as civilians in our territory via illegal routes. Then they send in weapons. They also send in uniforms with no insignia to make it look like a traditional military assault.

Image: Protests at Chisinau. Pic: AP

“But they do actually prepare a lot hybrid attacks, which are a mixture of what these paramilitary force do in northern Kosovo.”

After the Kosovo War, which followed the disintegration of Yugoslavia’s government and the intervention by NATO, Kosovo gained independence.

It is not recognized by many countries, including Serbia.

Kosovo accuses Russia for helping Serbia instigate separatism within the ethnic Serb population of the country.

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Putin is trying ‘exhaust West’

President Osmani claims that the international community has not done enough to stop Russia meddling in her country and other countries.

“Look, sometimes, we feel exactly like when Poland and Baltics warned that this was exactly what would happen many, many decades ago. Russia will invade Ukraine in a large-scale operation. They see all of their neighbours as temporary states.

“They weren’t being listened too.”

As allies discussed how to end the conflict in Ukraine, the Kosovan president warned against any territorial compromises with the Kremlin.

She stated that “Genocidal regimes shouldn’t be rewarded with territory.”


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