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Sunak says UK stands ‘ready to support all allies’ to provide fighter jets to Ukraine ‘now’

Rishi Sunak stated that the UK is ready to support all allies, if they are able to provide fighter jets to Ukraine right now.

At the Munich Security Conference, he stated that the UK is already leading in training Ukrainian fighter-jet pilots. He also reiterated his call to allies for “double down” support.

Sunak stated earlier that NATO should provide Ukraine with longer-range weapons so it could counter-offensive Russia from its country.

When asked by NATO if it would send weapons to target Crimea (annexed in 2014 by Russia), he replied that NATO needed to help Kyiv achieve a decisive advantage on battlefield with heavy tanks and air defense, as well as long-range weapons.


Ukraine War – Latest: Putin’s imperial objectives beyond Ukraine to ‘clear’

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PM promises long-range weapons for Ukraine

“Those are all things that will enable Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression,” Mr Sunak stated.

“And, indeed yes, to have counter-offensives that move Russia outside its own country. That’s a reasonable goal, and I believe we should fully support Ukraine in this ambition. We want Ukraine to succeed.

Sunak addressed world leaders during the conference and said that “our collective efforts are making an impact.” With each passing day, Russian forces continue to inflict more pain and suffering.

He said, “Now Ukraine must win to change that.”

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Putin wants to ‘exhaust West’

He said that the UK and its allies were working with Ukraine to provide it “advanced aerial defense systems” and would assist it in training and building the air force it needs.

“Together, we must help Ukraine protect its cities from Russian bombs & Iranian drones.”

“Of course, we stand ready to help any country provide planes Ukraine can use today. He said that we have to train Ukrainian pilots how to use the latest jets.

Prime Minister also stated that Russia must be held accountable and that it was necessary to rebuild the international order upon which our collective security is dependent.

He stated, “First, it means upholding international laws.” The whole world should hold Russia accountable. We must bring Russia to justice through the ICC.

He said: “Second. The treaties and agreements from the post-Cold War period have failed Ukraine. We need a new framework to ensure its long-term safety.”

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According to Poland’s president, Ukraine will require fighter jets to counter the Russian threat.

Adam Parsons: NATO is focusing on heavy weapons and training, not fighter jets

Ukraine’s backers are struggling to keep up with the demand for munitions in the race against Russia

Sean Bell, Military analyst: Russia’s illusions of invincibility have been shattered by the invasion

He suggested that a new NATO charter be created to protect Ukraine against future Russian aggression.

Sunak concluded his remarks by saying that the stakes in this war are greater than the sovereignty and security of one nation. It’s all about security and sovereignty for every nation.

Image Irpin was at the center of intense Russian attacks that lasted for many weeks.

“Russia’s invasion, its abhorrent crimes of war and irresponsible nuke rhetoric are all signs that there is a greater threat to everything we believe in,

Kamala Harris, American vice president, stated that America had concluded Russia had committed crimes against humanity, and that “justice must also be served” for those who were responsible.

“Russian forces pursued a wide-ranging and systematic attack against a civil population – gruesome murder, torture and deportation,” Ms Harris stated, adding that she also mentioned “execution style killings, beatings and electrocution”.

She added that Russian authorities had forcibly deported hundreds and thousands of people from Ukraine to Russia, including children. “They have brutally separated children from their parents.”

Ms. Harris, a former prosecutor who was also the head of California’s Department of Justice said that she understands “the importance of gathering facts to support the law”.

She stated that Russia’s actions in Ukraine were based on evidence and legal standards. “There is no doubt about this,” she added. These are crimes against humanity.

Harris stated to the forum, “Let’s all agree – justice must be served for all victims, both known as unknown.”

Harris said that no nation is secure in a world where one can violate the sovereignty or territorial integrity of another country, where crimes against humanity can be committed with impunity, and where an imperialist country can go unchecked.”


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