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‘They’re just looking at how they can gain’: Anger grows in Turkey over building standards after earthquake

Simge Ozdel, who is moving quickly and carefully around her family’s home, packs up her life.

She moves from one room to the next, looking for urgent medicine for her diabetic dad.

Simge was sleeping in her childhood bedroom at the time that the tremors began.

Image of Simge Ozdel in the remains of her family’s home in Adana (Turkey).

“I realized that the building was about to fall on me. She tells us that she fled the hallway, then shut the door. The whole wall fell.


Inspectors informed the family that the building would be strengthened and they could return at a later date.

For now, however, they will all live in Istanbul.

Image Simge Ottel walks carefully around her home in Adana Turkey.

Anger rising

Public anger is growing with each passing day. Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan has been trying to defend his reaction to the earthquake.

Video footage from years ago has emerged that shows him praising one Maras housing project that collapsed, killing thousands.

One, taken at a campaign stop before Turkey’s March 2019 election, Mr Erdogan stated: “We solved problem of 144.156 citizens of Maras by zoning amnesty.”

Image A group of people walk across the rubble of a collapsed building in Iskenderun (Turkey).

Critics claim that the death toll has risen due to amnesties which forgiven faults in millions upon millions of buildings as well as the absence of safety regulations.

“We are always going backwards”

We meet Mustafa Onal in Iskenderun as he loads up his motorbike full of supplies. This is his first time in his flat since the earthquake.

Aftershocks scare him and he invites us to visit his home. Deep cracks can be seen on both the outside and inside of the building.

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Mustafa sees greed.

He said, “There is no progress in Turkey.”

“We are always going backwards.” Contractors, architects, and engineers are just looking to see how they can steal and how they can gain.

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These images show the effects of earthquakes

After the earthquake, Syrian refugees fled to Turkey.

Sedat Gul is the President of Adana Chamber of Architects. He meets us in the city next to a completely destroyed building by the earthquake. He is furious.

He says, “There was a void during the inspection process.”

“Local administrations, such as municipalities or contractors, are devoid of ethics and have tried to make money.

img alt=”President of Adana Chamber of Architects Sedat-gul_6060736.jpg?20230217145046 760w,×432/skynews-adana-turkey sedat gul_6060736.jpg?20230217145046 760w,×900/skynews-adanaturkey-sedat adanadat adanadat adanadat adat adanadat adanadat adanadanadanadanadadanadanadanadm.jpg/ class=”sdc-article-image__item” intrinsicsize=”768×432″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(min-width: 1024px) 1024px, 100vw” src=”” srcset=”×216/skynews-adana-turkey-sedat-gul_6060736.jpg?20230217145046 380w, 760w, 1024w, 2048w”/>
Image: President of Adana Chamber of Architects Sedat Gul

“They have used loopholes in law to their own personal gain.”

Warnings were made about buildings’ infrastructure not meeting standards.

The Turkish environment minister stated last year that 6.8 million homes were considered to be risky in Turkey and 1.5 million need to be demolished immediately.

These buildings are strikingly located in the region and face entirely different fates. One is destroyed, the other is left intact.

Many buildings have cracks and they will need to be inspected. They will need to be demolished if there is any structural damage.

A hellish landscape

Fatma, a port girl from Iskenderun is determined to return home.

She claims her grandson and daughter are still living in the burned-out building.

Image: Fatma is a resident of the port city Iskenderun

She cries, “They’re gone!” “I can’t breathe.”

A relative comforts her by holding her hand. It’s a horrible place.

This feels almost like a museum for mourning in those quiet moments.

Of course, no one chooses to go. Yet, many people will find it difficult to leave.


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